CNN: al Qaeda, like Apple Inc., can bounce back from loss of leader

“Al Qaeda Inc. might suffer some initial setbacks from Osama bin Laden’s death, but so did Apple Inc. when shares dropped over rumors of Steve Jobs’ illness,” Rachel Ehrenfeld writes for CNN. “But it did not take long to realize that Jobs has established a highly functional corporation, and the shares bounced back.”

Ehrenfeld writes, “The same can be expected for al Qaeda Inc.”

“The jihadist organization has changed since its establishment in Afghanistan in 1988 by bin Laden and Palestinian sheikh Abdallah Yusuf Azzam. Al Qaeda Central has developed several branches and inspired many other radical Islamic organizations, each with its own independent resources,” Ehrenfeld writes. “Most rely heavily on a variety of illegal activities, ranging from drug trafficking to kidnapping for ransom, often in association with international criminal syndicates.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: And the winner of this year’s Stupidest Analogy Award is… Rachel Ehrenfeld!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “The DataDude” for the heads up.]


    1. … what *I* heard. A different, more intelligent, Rachel considered the subject on MSNBC last night. She laid out the many failures of bin Laden to continue to lead the group and develop the organization. What’s more, she pointed out that the most effective recruiting technique they had was US torture of Arabs. Much, MUCH reduced in the time of Obama.

      1. And yet I wonder, did this “more intelligent” Rachel offer any empirical PROOF to back up her assertion – or did she just pull it out of her liberal lesbian ass like usual?

        I do declare, but leftists are always coming up with all sorts of reasons that they just know motivates muslims to hate us. And don’t you know, in their sick world view, it always happens to be something wrong that the U.S. has or has not done.

        Attention, all liberals:

        Muslims hate us because…(drum roll, please)…

        It’s a fundamental part of their religion, and thus has it been for the last 1400 years. Sheesh!

        1. Or maybe Muslims hate the U.S. because its military invades their countries, murders innocent civilians, then shrugs it off as “oh well, collateral damage”. All in the name of fighting a small group of militant religious nutjobs.

          Let’s say a group of psychotic Christian terrorists based in the U.S. infiltrates Canada and assassinates the Prime Minister for some utterly bullshit reason. So in response, Canada starts bombing the U.S. and invades it with ground troops to “root out” the terrorists. In the process of doing this, the Canadian military murders a shitload of civilians. Infact, the number of civilians killed absolutely dwarfs the number of crazy-ass terrorists killed(who are supposed to be the actual targets, mind).

          As a U.S. citizen, you might find yourself getting slightly pissed off at Canada for that. However, because they don’t want to admit that either their government or military could ever do anything wrong, Canadians just shrug off the U.S.A’s outrage by saying “Attention, all liberals: U.S. citizens hate us because… WE ARE NOT U.S. CITIZENS! Everybody knows how those ignorant, xenophobic yanks detest foreigners. It’s been that way for 200 years, it’s a fundamental part of their culture. It’s got nothing to do with our invasion of their country and our wholesale, scattershot slaughter of their people or anything… It isn’t our fault they hate us, not even one tiny bit. We are blameless. Saintly, even. Eh!”

          Do you think there might be any problems with that attitude? Just maybe?

          And speaking of problems, what THE FUCK is Rachel Ehrenfeld’s!? Drawing an analogy between Apple and AL QAEDA, Steve Jobs and OSAMA BIN LADEN is so stupid that I’d feel embarassed for her if I wasn’t too busy facepalming. I hope she was paid to say that, because I honestly don’t want to believe any human being can seriously be that clueless for real. Please let “bribing Rachel Ehrenfeld to associate Apple with Al Qaeda” just be the latest part of Microsoft’s perpetual smear campaign against anything and everything that isn’t Microsoft so I don’t have to weep for humanity any more than I already do. That’d be nice, thanks.

          1. You, sir, are completely and utterly ignorant of muslim history. And unless and until you educate yourself on this subject, you should never, ever again weigh in on anything remotely having to do with muslims.

            I will say it again, since you are irretrievable stupid:


            It is a goddamned fact of history! Fuck, but some people are dumb as rocks! EDUCATE YOURSELF!!!

            1. “MUSLIMS HATE NON-MUSLIMS!!!”
              Wow. Just because you say something in all caps doesn’t make it less idiotic. What’s really embarrassing is that you actually think that you’re educated. You dirty the word history by even letting it slip from your ignorant mouth.

              The uprisings in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. The cry for democracy spreading across the streets in the middle east. The muslim youth. The heroic muslims assembling in alleys with laptops crying out to the world. Right. They all hate non-muslims.

              Republicans are such incompetent, impotent, knuckle-dragging idiots, that it dizzies the mind.

              If you truly would like people to educate themselves then you’re breaking from your own science-hating faith-based party.

              Never think for a single second that you are part of a political party that espouses education, science or fact. The republican state legislature in Georgia tried to make the value of pi equal to 3.0 … so it would be easier (no joke). Hey, guess what … Glenn Beck U doesn’t make you educated, it makes you a stupid idiot. 🙂

    1. Like, there’s only one Steve Jobs but there’s millions of bat-shit crazy religious fanatics.

      al Qaeda can bounce back.

      Apple will keep on truckin’.

        1. Any “chance” you’re a racist? Sure sounds like you are. This Is no place for racism or filth. On the first point you FAIL. On the second point Cleetus FAILS.

          Rachel; really lame analogy. Where didn’t you go to school?

          1. Well… I don’t know Mr Chance, but I doubt it.

            Obviously, you didn’t get the pop culture reference made with the term “bizarro”. A more appropriate term might have been “anti”.

  1. And of course, Microsoft will bounce back too from the terrorist activities of Apple and Google! Those companies have stolen IP from MS and will eventually pay when Windows 8 and WP7 take off. The sky is the limit for MS!

    1. Yup. And telling yourself that you’re “educating” yourself, or getting a “balanced” view because you watch more than one news network is ludicrous.

  2. May be a stupid analogy, but she got MDN to post it and all of us to look at it. MDN can scroung for hits with the best of them!
    CNN content c-
    MDN headline effectiveness a+

  3. I have an idea. Rachel Ehrenfeld should mate with Rashard Mendenhall and have kids. For those of you who don’t know who he is, he is a Running Back for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and he had this to say on Twitter:

    ………….”We’ll never know what really happened. I just have a hard time believing a plane could take a skyscraper down demolition style.”…………..

    All I have to say is….. wow. Shut the h$ll up!

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