Apple debuts new iPad 2 ad: ‘If You Asked’ (with video)

Apple has debuted a new television on U.S. broadcast and cable networks called, “If You Asked.”

If you ask a parent, they might call it intuitive. If you asked a musician, they might call it inspiring. To a doctor, it’s groundbreaking.

To a CEO, it’s powerful. To a teacher, it’s the future. If you ask a child, she might call it “magic.”

And, if you ask us, we’d say it’s just getting started. (graphic, black on white:  iPad 2)

MacDailyNews Take: These are unique, defining, aspirational spots; Apple should continue to explore this style as the campaign continues.

See the first ad in what looks to be a very strong campaign, “We Believe,” here.

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  1. Wouldn’t work in the UK – far too schmaltzy. Reminds me of those nauseating ads for Werther’s Originals.

    Steve must be losing it in his advancing years.

  2. Did anyone catch the tablet on NCIS-LA last night? Couldn’t identify what brand, but jeez it was clunky looking. About 2 inches thick, looked heavy. I was afraid the character “Nell” was going to drop it and trip. Wonder how much product placement money was spent on that?

  3. If you ask me this a brilliant Ad. The brilliance of this Ad is the fact that it attack the competition with ever mentioning them. If you ask Apple competition they should be scared.

  4. This commercial blows the xoom and playbook commercials out of the water. VERY FAR out of the water.

    The xoom commercial is infantile – what with its lousy CG of a male model in a pretend space pod in front of a roller coaster.

    And now the playbook ad showing gestures that first appeared on the iPhone, and the Chrissie Hynde “I’m Special” song.

    In both ads you can tell the the companies are desperate to make you understand how “cool” and “special” their derivative pieces of crap really are.

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