New iMacs expected to boost Apple’s share of PC market

“Though desktop computers play a smaller role than notebook sales, the newly updated all-in-one iMac is expected to help push Mac sales even higher and give Apple a greater share of the PC market,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Following last year’s iMac refresh, Apple saw 23.7 percent sequential growth,” Hughes reports.

“Analyst Maynard Um with UBS expects to see a similar bump in sales this year from the newly updated iMac line,” Hughes reports. “‘Apple continues to provide more value,’ he said, noting that the four basic iMac configurations held their same prices with improved internal hardware, ‘and we expect it to continue to gain share in the PC market.'”

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  1. You ought to check out the Apple Insider site’s comments on this post: A couple of trolls are floating petitions to Apple trying to get them to go back to matte displays. At least three of the OPs have been removed by moderators.

    But back to the topic: I am seriously thinking about a refresh to one of these this year. I just can’t decide which one, though…too many great choices, especially opting for an SSD AND a 1TB internal HDD.

  2. No matte antiglare screens on the new iMacs. If you need matte screens, there’s something you can do – add your voice to 1,300+ petitions at Unlike personal emails to Apple – which Apple just ignore, asserting everyone loves glossy screens – make it count by adding to the online petition where your voice will remain visible on the net until Apple listens. Remember, adding your comment to transient news articles on the net is fine, but those articles go out of date in a few weeks, and also there is no long-term accumulation and consolidation of numbers, like there is at a petition site.

  3. I know it boosted their sales by at least 1 yesterday when I pulled the trigger for a 27″, 3.1GHz i7 w/ 8GB. I love the improved quality the glossy screens provide. But reflections are no problem at all in my work environment. If I had a window to my side or back I would probably think differently. In that case I would change what I had to to eliminate the problem.

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