Apple’s upcoming ‘Reading List’ for Safari to compete with Instapaper and ReadItLater

“Apple is working on a new feature for Safari in Apple’s Mac OS X Lion that will bring a different kind of bookmarking functionality to the browser,” Arnold Kim reports for MacRumors.

“Apple calls it ‘Reading List’ and is meant to offer users a way to save pages for later reading,” Kim reports. “The new feature is described by Apple: ‘Reading List lets you collect webpages and links for you to read later. To add the current page to your Reading List, click Add Page. You can also Shift-click a link to quickly add it to the list. To hide and show Reading List, click the Reading List icon (eyeglasses) in the bookmarks bar.'”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. But will it sync across devices?

    I should be able to log in to MobileMe (or iCloud) on any of my Apple devices and have access to all my stuff. Just like that. No buried options, no system pref panes, just log in, and there are my docs, my media, my bookmarks, my “reading list,” everything.

    The whole manually choosing what to sync and when is so cumbersome.

    I shouldn’t have to think about “syncing” at all.

    1. I just set the MobileMe sync prefs once and it just works. All devices share bookmarks,etc. I bet this reader feature will be integrated (it apparently is located on the bookmark bar, sort of hinting that it is treated similarly).

      1. Yeah, but still no doc sync, or at best a clunky iDisk version.

        My point is that iOS and the whole post-PC thing will hopefully usher in a computing age where I don’t even have to think about when and where a file of any type was created.

        I log in, and “it just works.”

        Dropbox, MobileMe, SugarSync, Spider Oak, etc. are all sort of getting there, but each has drawbacks: adding a layer of user interaction, requiring special file structuring, not supporting certain file types, ignoring metadata, making me think about about space, or something…

    2. Adding to DMac…just set your desired mobileme synch options in your preference pane and it automatically synchs back/forth across devices as changes are made. If your synch is not working as such, hold down the option key when clicking on the synch wheel in the menu bar, then select “reset synch services.”

  2. I don’t see a real use for that other than cluttering Safari even more — I drag the URL of the sites I want to read later in a folder on my desktop — but why not? By the way, I wish we could get rid of Top Sites.

    1. If you don’t want Top Sites, go to Safari Preferences>Bookmarks and deselect “Top Sites”. Then, go to the Safari Menu>Reset Safari and select “reset Top Sites” and “Remove all Webpage Preview Images”>>Reset. Also, in Safari Preferences>General, make sure Top Sites is not selected in the Window or Tabs drop-down lists. Quit Safari.

      Open the Finder. Navigate to your User Account>Library>Caches>>WebPage Previews folder. Select Cmd key/I for info panel and select “lock”. Close the panel. This will prevent Safari from writing images to that folder.

      Restart Safari.

        1. From
          Quit Safari, open Terminal (in Applications » Utilities), and enter this command:
          defaults write DebugSnapshotsUpdatePolicy -int 2
          Relaunch Safari, and it will no longer create snapshots of pages you visit.

    2. Sometimes pages change per URL, as in updates. I think this thing takes a full snapshot so you get what was there at a certain time, without any updates to the page. Useful for news.

  3. Interesting. This sounds just like the scrapbook feature in IE for Mac that I used all the time 10 years ago. That was the only thing Microsoft ever did that I liked, but it was there.

  4. I’m surprised that it seems to me not many people on this forum use a service like Instapaper or ReadLater? I personally swear by Instapaper and something like this built into Lion promises to being better integration and syncing across devices than current solution of Instapaper. Hope so.

  5. This makes me a little sad in a way. Instapaper is such a fantastic service, with a entrepreneurial customer-friendly developer behind it. I’m glad to see his product become so successful. I probably use Instapaper more than I use my iPhone for calls and music combined.

  6. I always liked the idea of instapaper, but found it too cumbersome. I hope Apple gets it right and makes it really easy to just read something later.

  7. Gilles (and others),
    “Quit Safari, open Terminal (in Applications » Utilities), and enter this command:
    defaults write DebugSnapshotsUpdatePolicy -int 2
    Relaunch Safari, and it will no longer create snapshots of pages you visit” (Mac OS X Hints. Macworld. April 20, 2009.).

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