Apple’s long-delayed white iPhone 4 thicker than black version

“After 10 months of delays, the white iPhone 4 has arrived, and at closer inspection it turns out it’s not only late, but also thicker than its black sibling,” Daniel Ionescu reports for PCWorld. “The difference is very small, 0.2 millimeters to be more precise, but it’s enough to give headaches to some users who would find their cases wouldn’t fit on the white iPhone 4.”

“The difference, from roughly 9.3mm thickness of the black iPhone to 9.5mm of the white model, doesn’t come from the steel frame of the device, but from the white glass part on the front of the device,” Ionescu reports. “Apple doesn’t list any difference in thickness on its website between the white and black iPhone 4.”

Ionescu reports, “Initial tests indicate that Apple’s bumper cases, and most cases that aren’t subject to depth will still fit the thicker white iPhone 4, but if you plan on buying a case for your shiny new white iPhone 4, it would be best to check if it fits first.”

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  1. I am a T-Mobile customer and thought I’d check out T-M’s website to see what they say about the merger with ATnT. I found this regarding the iPhone: “Q: Is T-Mobile USA getting the iPhone?
    A: T-Mobile USA remains an independent company, as the acquisition is expected to be completed in approximately 12 months. We’ll continue to offer cutting-edge 4G devices like the Samsung Galaxy S 4G, as well as the new Sidekick 4G, the T-Mobile G2x and the G-Slate tablet coming later this spring.” These people must be politicians!

  2. I went by the Apple Store over the weekend to examine a white iPhone 4. It has a minute ridge around the perimeter of the glass on the front and back – about the thickness of a sheet of paper. People (e.g., pjs_boston) have speculated that this ridge is intended to protect the glass from scratches – for smooth surfaces like tabletops that might work. But the Apple’s rationale may have been something else entirely, such as a better grip? I don’t know.

    I placed two iPhone 4 units – white and black – face down on the display table side by side. The gap between the phones makes it difficult to eyeball thickness, especially with the anti-theft cables attached. I honestly cannot say whether or not the white iPhone 4 is fractionally thicker than the original black version. If it is thicker, then it is a tiny amount by typical consumer standards.

    I still think that this 0.2mm (0.008″) is being blown out of proportion.

  3. My phone expired last weekend, so I’d figure I’d get the white iPhone 4. Just picked up a case for it, the clear incase snap-on that covers the back and edges. The case is a little too small, it doesn’t snap on all the way on the top left corner and edge, and there’s no more forcing it. So at least my iPhone is larger than at least most black ones.

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