Illegal immigrant-smuggling game rejected by Apple

“An iPhone game that allows users to drive a truck full of immigrants through the desert while trying to prevent them from getting thrown out of the vehicle has been rejected by Apple Inc., the software’s developer announced Thursday,” Russell Contreras reports for The Associated Press.

“Owlchemy Labs, the Boston company that developed ‘Smuggle Truck: Operation Immigration,’ said that the Apple App Store turned down the game three weeks ago, but it did accept the company’s ‘Snuggle Truck’ app, a game that allows players to ‘bring cute animals from the wilderness to the comfort of a zoo,'” Contreras reports.

“Owlchemy Labs Developer Alex Schwartz said the immigration game’s rejection was ‘content-related’ but couldn’t give details based on a contractual agreement,” Contreras reports.

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  1. Or they could pose as Minutemen when in fact they were all a bunch of murdering dope thieves rationalizing their hate.

    They weren’t trying to protect our borders, they were just protecting their turf. Big difference from real Minutemen.

    1. Of course, the follow up to this game would be Obama’s Administration suing Apple for discriminating against a game that is trying to bring the next wave of Democrat voters, er, I mean people in search of a better life to this country!

      1. Thank you for making it blatantly clear why the Right in the US is so opposed to immigrants from Mexico. In your mind they are part of a conspiracy by the Democrats to get more votes instead of people desperate for a better life away from poverty and crime. Considering how your side stole the 2000 election and misinformed your country into invading Iraq, this conspiracy theory you present looks like a case of projection.

        1. So much ignorance.

          Ask Mexico what it does with people that cross into Mexico illegally….

          2000 has been picked apart for 11 years now, which side kept changing the rules? That’s right… The side that lost in the end when the supreme court stopped the games being played by the left.

          1. Correct! Key word here is ILLEGAL. When we can adequately pay for our OWN poor, without struggling with an immense tax burden, THEN we can talk about adding more poor. This isn’t pre-1920, immigration is a whole different ball game now. Jobs AREN’T plentiful, and neither is charity money.

        2. It’s not a Democrat conspiracy since it is out there in the open for everyone to see. I am against illegals crossing the border because of the law and order ramifications of allowing it. However, as a cynical conservative, I also don’t appreciate the Democrats efforts to allow illegals to vote (which it is painfully obvious they promote every time they fight against producing valid ID at the voting booth). Democrats need the struggling poor in order to maintain power. These, along with public and private sector union members, are their primary voting base

          By the way, up until you brought up the long ago debunked “stolen election of 2000” I was almost taking you seriously ;-/

  2. Let Google with their Android app have it it will goes nicely with the Dog Fighting game/ training app. I hate censorship but thank God Apple has some form of screening process this time.

  3. Problem is, Pedro’s wife or girlfriend gets pregnant, has a child who is automatically a U.S. citizen and the cycle continues. More tax burden on us taxpayers paying for all Pedro’s family, often for generations.

    The problem with today’s home-grown U.S. poor is THEY should be the ones employed in the fields. My mother, an Italian, had no problem picking beans for the local farmers to earn money for her family back in the 1930’s. Too many of today’s U.S. homegrown poor collect Welfare and watch Jerry Springer and Court TV all day.

    Instead of joining gangs, the young adults of our own poor should be doing these fruit picking jobs just as my mother did. Her family was poor but never collected public assistance of any kind. They brought themselves out of poverty. Back then they had pride.

  4. One aspect of immigrant smuggling that hasn’t been noted yet: Illegal immigrants are by default the new SLAVE CLASS in the USA. They make less than minimum wage, and if you still run out of cash, you can blackmail them.

    Of the many ways to cheat and corrupt the capitalist economic system, slavery is one of my least favorite.

    The solution of course is to LEGALLY and TEMPORARILY bring in people to perform these current slave labor jobs. But darn, then you have to pay them minimum wage! Oh well.

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