Illinois Attorney General Madigan requests meeting with Apple, Google

“Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan called for a meeting Monday with Apple Inc. and Google executives in the wake of reports that iPhones, iPads and Google Android devices are collecting and storing detailed information about users’ locations,” The St. Louis Business Journal reports.

“Madigan sent a letter to both technology giants in response to press reports that Apple and Google mobile devices store user location information that can be transmitted back to the companies,” The St. Louis Business Journal reports. “Madigan has asked the companies to detail what information the company is storing, for how long and what it is used for.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. The whole world is coming apart at the seams and melting down into the ocean and revolting, banks ripping us all off etc. and this is what our politicians are doing. Fantastic. We are doomed.

  2. they are overly concerned about Apple putting general location data to your own computer. Yet, they allow trillions in spending and yell the end of the earth will arrive with 38 billion. Yet, they have not one issue with taking a person money to spend on everything they want to buy votes?!!!

    If they are so concerned, jump into the pigs pen and start looking for fraud, waste, and corruption that is stealing money out our pockets and causing us to become a third world nation.

    Geeeez, thief by the government is a non event and GEO information is a call to arms! What a waste of humanity….

  3. This is George W Bush thug politics and Palin/ Trump idiocy combined with Tea Party racist retardedness.
    “Being educated means you’re elitist.”
    “If you speak proper English then clearly you aren’t a ‘real’ American.”

    “Obama’s a Marxist Kenyan and Sarah Palin is a true intellectual.”

  4. Seems there are way too many self-proclaimed experts here in the peanut gallery who have no idea what an attorney general does, or why. Hence the lame attacks.

    Let her do her job.

      1. You supported a decent post with a bunch of cr@p. Typical fallacious arguments starting with name calling, transitioning to “all this” or “all that,” and concluding with a statement of intent founded in nothing.

        Your “American” rights have been under assault for a long time, and took some giant hits during the previous administration which reeked of McCarthyistic fervor – either support the war or you are unpatriotic, with us or against us, etc. Those were real attacks. Your griping makes me sick.

  5. It’s garbage like this that makes the corporate world rightfully disdainful of government. Here we have a model corporation, Apple, being dragged through the coals for NO LEGITIMATE REASON AT ALL because a bunch of paranoids found a log file they mistakenly thought collected specific location data about the user. WRONG.

    I strongly suspect this PITA BS from TechTards will increase exponentially as the technology becomes both more complicated and more readily available to the average human. Lawyers win. Everyone else is a LOSER.

  6. The biashhhhhhh from Illinois also wants to release all the gun owners information cards (FOID cards) to the public. Why does she worry about our privacy now. She is a political opportunist hack!
    She wants my second amendment rights public, the same rights that should not be infringed.

  7. The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms. It doesn’t say anything about keeping that knowledge secret. I am not in favor of it, but releasing gun ownership information does not infringe on your Second Amendment rights. Please research and try to understand things before you vomit on this forum.

  8. Unfortunately, the only thing politicians know about technology is “Ctrl-Alt-Del”. They are whole bunch of airheads who can not even tell MB from GB or Mb from Gb.

  9. I think I should get a politician to investigate car companies for recording how far I have gone each day and collecting my total accumulated miles when I get an oil change. Tch tch tch . . . Bad Car Companies!

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