Analysts say oft-delayed white iPhone 4 may be sales catalyst for Apple

Matt Phillips blogs for The Wall Street Journal that UBS analyst Maynard Um, in a note to clients, states, “A number of reports cite sources that a white iPhone 4 is expected to launch as soon as April 27th. Though the date is uncertain to us, we believe a white iPhone is likely and see this as a sales catalyst.”

MacDailyNews Note: Back on June 7, 2010, Apple announced that the white iPhone 4 would, along with the black model, be available in the US, France, Germany, Japan and the UK on June 24, 2010.

Phillips also reports on a note by Ticonderoga Securities’ analyst Brian White who writes, “In our view, the purchase of consumer electronic devices is not always a completely rational decision, and people buy Apple products for many different reasons, including status, aesthetics, functionality, quality and the “cool factor.” The delayed launch of a “white” iPhone has created a certain mystique around the product, and we believe certain demographics will find the product appealing. As such, we expect incremental iPhone 4 purchases due to this launch, driven by replacements, upgrades and/or new iPhone 4 purchases.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Well, according to our unscientific poll currently running atop the left-hand column, of over 3,000 respondents, 26% will buy a white iPhone 4.

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  1. I doubt there’s going to be a rush of people replacing their black iPhone 4s with a white iPhone 4. At least in the U.S., we have to consider contracts with mobile service providers. I don’t see that many people who really wanted an iPhone NOT upgrading to an iPhone 4 because they held out hope that a white iPhone 4 would be released soon.

  2. My wife and I plan to get iPhones later this year. She’s really self-conscious about her stuff looking exactly like mine, so I’m sure she’d love to get a white iPhone while I get the black one.


  3. they had announced in the earnings conference call that that only now they have managed to keek up with iPhone 4 demand. Is it just coincidence that they come out with the white one now, now that they can “afford” some complication in the distribution channel? I don’t think it’s accidental but clever.

  4. Not every butterfly will cause a tsunami in Japan. Analysts will attempt to make something out of any little piece of information to justify their existence.

    White iPhones will not make a noticeable difference in sales. People who would have settle for black but preferred white will simply buy white INSTEAD of black.

    How many people were holding back buying a phone (for years) because the colour they wanted was not available ? Not enough to make a difference.

    Announcement of the white iPhone availability may cause a temporary drop followed by a small increase but I would not call that a sales catalyst.

  5. Apple says the white iPhone is coming on June 24 2010 and these *prognosticators* from the WSJ say:

    “we believe a white iPhone is likely”

    Brilliant! Just freakin’ brilliant! Where do they find such talent?!

    1. The line was, “Once you have a man with no legs, you never go back, baby.” — Eddie’s ridiculous come-on to a woman while pretending to be a double amputee.

    1. Exactly!

      This is why I want a white one. However, the color difference isn’t worth the cost of switching from a black iPhone 4, especially when a new one will be coming in either June/July or as late as September.

  6. I’m an iPhone 3Gs hold out. My wife bought a black iPhone 4 shortly after they were available. I was waiting for a white one as my 3Gs was only a year old at the time. AT&T offered me the upgrade price but i wanted a white one. Not rational at all.

    Now, with my 2 year contract up in June, I am just waiting to see what shakes out.

  7. When it is released as an iPhone 4 (rather than waiting until iPhone 5), Apple will experience a rash of 30-day “full refund” returns for no reason other than the customer wanting white instead of black. Some others who are recent purchasers, but beyond 30 days, will be unhappy (assuming they think the white one looks good) and whine about it to Apple. The expense will offset any gain in sales due to the white iPhone.

    Therefore, I think Apple really should just wait until iPhone 5 to have a white option.

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