Analyst: 2nd-gen Apple TV unit sales top 2 million, 820K sold last quarter

“Shipments of the second-generation Apple TV continue to be strong, reaching more than 2 million estimated units since the device launched late last year, according to a new report,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of Concord Securities revealed the results of his survey of Apple suppliers on Tuesday,” Hughes reports. “Sales of the streaming-centric iOS-powered Apple TV topped 1 million just before Christmas of last year, and within three months of its launch. That pace showed strong sales had continued after a breakout start of 250,000 units in its first six weeks.”

Hughes reports, “Kuo estimates that Apple sold 820,000 units of the Apple TV in its second quarter of fiscal 2011, which ran from January through March.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: How many units until a “hobby” transforms into something more meaningful?

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  1. “Shipments of the second-generation Apple TV continue to be strong, reaching more than 2 million estimated units…”

    I believe this is what is called “A Successful Product”, despite anti-Apple FUD to the contrary. Poor trolls, you FAILed again. 😆

  2. Yup I bought one last year when they came out. Price and the Netflix capability were deciding factors. Love the ease of use and then ability to control with the iPhone.
    Thinking about getting a second one for the bedroom.

  3. Same here ifan. I am waiting to see if the a5 makes it into the refresh also. There is too much for improvement on a well executed product already. Can’t wait!!

  4. Apple TV is simply a beach-head for Apple to stake it’s claim in the vast wasteland that is television.

    Television is ready to be remade, and this time the revolution will be televised!

    The revolution is choice. Choice in content and time. Internet TV, Apple and others are facilitating this tectonic change.

  5. “a ‘hobby’ transforms into something more meaningful” when the BILLION DOLLAR SERVER FARM powers up! Unlike the 1st generation that I own, the Apple TV has no hard drive storage. Will Apple turn this server farm into the worlds biggest DVR?

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