Lack of stock for Best Buy iPad 2 promotion frustrates customers

“Though Best Buy advertised that its stores would have iPad 2 stock available for sale on Sunday, numerous customers came away empty handed as availability of Apple’s touchscreen tablet remains limited,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“A number of readers contacted AppleInsider to express their frustration with Sunday’s sale,” Hughes reports. “The big-box retailer made a marketing push with a Sunday flier advertising availability of the iPad 2, though the advertisement noted that stores would have ‘limited quantities’ and offer ‘no rainchecks.'”

Hughes reports, “In Florida, another reader expressed frustration over the lack of inventory at a Best Buy store in South Miami Beach. Similar to the store in San Francisco, customers in line were not notified before the doors opened if there were any iPad 2 units in stock. Employees reportedly said they were ‘not supposed to talk about it.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s highly likely that this is simply due to the fact that Best Buy sucks at customer service, among many other things.

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  1. You know, it’s fun to knock Best Buy, their crappy service, and even worse check-out lines. But do you think they’d be pulling crap like this if they could just get their hands on enough iPad 2 units to satisfy everyone? I realize that Apple is building all they can (and world events aren’t helping things), but what an amazing phenomenon this iPad 2 is. Apple couldn’t possibly foretell this was going to happen; Best Buy isn’t the culprit here; Apple isn’t the culprit here. Just the amazing, unexpected, popularity of the iPad 2.

  2. So how long before we hear about a class action lawsuit or various government consumer protection offices investigating Bogus Buy over their unfulfilled advertising claims?

  3. tracks inventory at Target and Radio Shack. I got the exact model I wanted after less than an hour at Target two towns over. Not perfect info but close. Update your search often and call the store to confirm. Data accurate at the stores I called.
    Mornings best.

  4. The ipad 2 wifi isn’t working for me. Is a bad service for best buy for me as well. I hate when there is no wifi in my internet on my ipad 2 it’s frustrating for me. My negative comments is that my ipad 2 is no good.

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