Apple iPad 2’s killer feature: The 2X hardware factor

“The iPad 2 is ‘winning’ with two double-your-fun hardware features,” Brooke Crothers reports for CNET. “Buh-bye iPad 1.”

“After using the iPad 2 for a few weeks, I can now say the upgrade was worth it,” Crothers reports. “Even waiting in line with the huddled Los Angeles masses, yearning for the iPad 2, was worth it.”

Double the memory: This was apparent almost immediately. Going from a meager 256MB in the original iPad to 512MB in the iPad 2 makes a difference,” Crothers reports. “I’ll give one easy, everyday example. Web browsing is more fluid… When you jump between Web pages, a page that you haven’t visited in a while often doesn’t have to reload. That’s a boon when I’m doing productivity-related stuff–and otherwise makes browsing more enjoyable.”

Double the cores: the iPad 2’s A5 processor is a dual-core processor, compared with the single-core A4. This, by far, is the most significant aspect of the iPad 2,” Crothers reports. “And this applies to just about everything you do on the iPad. Launching, multitasking, Web surfing, multimedia (photos, movies). You name it.”

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    1. Double cores feature has nothing to do with “Launching, multitasking, Web surfing, multimedia (photos, movies)” — iPad 2 has twice of memory and faster flash-memory/SSD for all of that.

      Double cores’ effect is rather subtle except for really heavy applications like PhotoBooth, where tasks could be paralleled well.

  1. Big deal. Future Windows slates will have 2x screens and 2x styli to get more work done in the enterprise. You won’t believe the lines we’ll see at Fry’s for those puppies.

    1. A true believer is hard to come by. I am sure that there were people trying to go back to sleep after the Titanic hit that iceberg. It can’t sink. Go back to sleep.

      Sorry, someone needs to tell you that the Microsoft Titanic is suffering from long term blue screen virus riddled spyware no inspiration syndrome disease. It may not be DOA but will suffer permanent brain damage for sure.

      1. … this one wasn’t even SUBTLE! OK, the 2x screens might have been a bit subtle, but “2x styli”? Just how in Job’s name will two styli make use or speed any faster or better? The original iPad was better because it did without a stylus! ZT is MDN’s version of Colbert … all tongue-in-cheek.

    1. Actually Paul, the new G5 CPU is more battery efficient in terms of battery use per processing cycle. a lot of thought went into this new generation chip that makes it far more advanced than its predecessor.

      1. Hahaha. You mean “A5”, right? (And yes… I recall the painful days of the G5 being stuck at whatever MHz like forever and SJ having to eat his words about the CPU speed etc.)

  2. I am a heavy iPad 2 user who also owned an iPad 1. The differences are there and the upgrade is worth it. Further, I persomally have found no difference in battery life. I have also fallen in love with the smart cover, it may be one of the best features.

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