id Software’s Carmack: Just not enough money to be made on Android vs. iOS

John Carmack, technical director at id Software, spoke with Sam Bandah for NowGamer.

On questione and answer is of particular interest:

NowGamer: With Rage HD on iOS do you see yourself ever working on Android?

Carmack: Every six months I’d take a look at the scope of the Android, and decide if it was time to start really looking at it. At the last Quakecon I took a show of hands poll, and it was interesting to see how almost as many people there had an Android device as an iOS device. But when I asked how many peple had spent 20 bucks on a game in the Android store, there was a big difference. You’re just not making money in the Android space as you are in the iOS space.

We made more money than people may expect on the Doom RPG stuff. It’s just fun to develop on iOS. We’d show people what we were working on and they’d go “Oh, when are you going to ship that? And I’d say ‘next month’ and they’d go “Aww, I wanna work on an iPhone title.”

It’s hard to make a rational business decision to say I want to take resources from something else and put them on this. We did actually hire a person to be our Android guy, but it looks like he’s going to get stuck on iOS development!

Read more in the full article here.

[Attribution: iLounge. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “btn” for the heads up.]


    1. Google just wants to sell advertising and don’t really care about how good android is. That’s why they give it away free which the Asian phone companies absolutely love!

  1. Everything is going according to Steve Jobs “Master Plan” ie. The competition is flummoxed. Why? Only those in the KNOW.. Know. Apple Inc. is at the top of their game. At this point Apple needs to remain focused on keeping their existing customers happy and improving on services. Steve Jobs and Company EARNED it’s place at the TOP. Kudos to AAPL. $420 by Sept. The numbers are going to be staggering this Wed.

  2. “the revolution”.. a loser Chrissy and bullshit from 80´s.. loser.

    id software is over, losing the FPS first place, idtech5 dont look soo good. the situation is, no money, no shit.

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