RUMOR: T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless to intro new ‘unlimited’ plans

“According to leaked internal documents, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless may soon offer new unlimited voice/text/web plans,” Todd Haselton reports for BGR.

“One image, obtained by TmoNews, suggests that T-Mobile will quietly launch a new ‘Truly Unlimited Data + Talk + Text’ option on April 13th that will retail for $79.99 per month,” Haselton reports. “T-Mobile will supposedly not cap data for this plan, but will instead reduce data throughput speeds (throttle) after a user surpasses 2GB in a single billing cycle.”

Haselton reports, “Another image leaked by Droid-Life suggests that Verizon Wireless is also gearing up to release a new unlimited plan for just $50 per month. It will supposedly include unlimited mobile to mobile calling, text, and web for customers opting for service without a contract. We’re thinking this could be limited to feature phones only, given Verizon’s choice to call it ‘unlimited web’ instead of ‘unlimited data’ — ‘unlimited data’ is terminology Verizon typically uses when referring to smartphones. Neither carrier has officially announced the new plans, however.”

The full article, with the document images, is here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Judge Bork, “Brawndo Drinker,” and “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Followed by a really, truly unlimited plan sometime in the future for another $30. Why not take this approach for current plans rather than imposing a hard cap with onerous penalties for going over that cap? I despise cell phone and cable companies.

  2. “Should I get the ‘unlimited’ data plan? Or the ‘really unlimited’ one? Or perhaps the ‘really, truly, honestly unlimited, trufax!’ plan? Decisions, decisions!”

  3. It appears that phone service providers are defining “unlimited” as what they say it means.

    Which is to say, as anything except what it actually means.

    In other news… Oceana is at peace with Eurasia, love is war, and black is white.

  4. If this turns out to be true, it will be FANTASTIC news for users of Verizon Wireless prepaid service. It looks like customers would still need to add the $30/month data plan if a smartphone is used on prepaid. I currently pay $95/month for unlimited talk and text using a cheap Samsung “feature” phone. Everyone else charges $40 to $60. I stick with Verizon because I don’t want to deal with the hassle of buying a new phone and porting my number to a carrier with questionable call quality only to switch everything back to Verizon. I dropped AT&T prepaid due to awful service, and heard nothing but warnings regarding every other carrier. Virtually any phone Verizon Wireless sells can be used on their prepaid service – except the iPhone. Even though the no contract price for the 16GB iPhone 4 is $650 plus tax, if Verizon allowed the iPhone to join their prepaid party, I would be ecstatic!

  5. Not concerned about ‘unlimited’ plans.
    What irks me is AT&T’s screwing me on
    their 2GB plan. Why can’t I use it ’till it
    is done? Why the 30 day time limit?
    I might use only 1GB this month and
    then am forced to buy again next month.

  6. One thing we can be absolutely sure of: No matter what kind of double-talk the mobile carriers feed us in their advertising, their sole objective is to swindle their customers out of as much cash as humanly possible.

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