Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, tech’s worst CEO; how long can he last?

“The site says the approval rating of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer from his employees is the lowest of any major tech company — a dismal 40%,” Preston Gralla writes for Computerworld. “Given this latest piece of bad news, how long can he last at Microsoft?”

MacDailyNews Take: Given the amount of his MSFT shares, not to mention our prayers, hopefully he can last for a long, long time.

Gralla continues, “He has been frequently criticized by many outside of Microsoft for lacking vision. On his watch, Google zoomed to dominate Internet search, and Apple and Google have dominated the smartphone business — the two greatest growth areas in tech. Even the Microsoft board, which generally supports Ballmer, no matter what he does, has been restive… Ballmer has said that he plans to retire in 2018. Don’t count on him lasting that long.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Wait until at least noon local time, then hoist a pint with the usual toast!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “SouthRoad” for the heads up.]


    1. Yes! No matter how stupid the products and direction, at the end of the quarter profit is always there to fund more stupid initiatives. That’s just freaking awesome!!!

    2. You’d think that would be enough to keep him in, but shareholders (which most employees would be too) don’t like a flat stock. The only perk they have is that MS gives out dividends every quarter.

    3. True however the small investor is not making jack squat and hasn’t for 10 years other than a measly dividend that no can make any money on unless you own one hell of a lot of shares.

  1. [jumping up and down on a table] WHY doesn’t anyone see that Ballmer is a jackass, who would have gotten FIRED at another company long ago??? If it wasn’t for Apple, the industry would be at a stand still!!!!

  2. Stop wishing Ballmer to go away. He needs to stay and make sure the stupid Ribbon is twice the size in screen and twice the clusterfsck it is on the next version of Windows! He should also make sure that the ribbon cannot be hidden or removed and that it’s necessary in order for Wundows to operate.

    1. The Ribbon is the single best UI treatment to come out of Redmond. Ever.

      It might not be the pantheon of visual refinement, but what it lacks in comeliness it more than makes up for in usefulness and usability.

      All those features you never knew existed, or knew how to use in Excel or Word? Refactored contextualized in the Ribbon. Those insidious hierarchical menus that went on forever from right to left, and then left to right and back again? Flattened in the Ribbon. And given split icons and labels and access to keyboard shortcuts.

      The Ribbon is awesome.

      I don’t wish for it outside of Office on Mac, but it sure solves a lot of interface problems.

  3. Windows 7 had a bit of promise… Un-refined and cryptic, yes, but more analogous to the (very fine) Windows NT 3.51 than Vista was to ubiquitous and horrible XP.

    Windows 8 looks to continue the sad descent into irrelevancy, like Vista. Irrelevant — not because no one is forced to use it, but because no one really needs it, or is dying to upgrade to it. Except possibly those that are trying to escape the DLL hell that is XP or Vista, or whatever.

    Maybe with Ballmer gone, MS can actually get on with its life and continue making some great modern software in the vein of Office for Mac 2011, XBox, Silverlight, and yes even IE9. Of course, none of those except for XBox are actually huge revenue streams…

    1. “Of course, none of those except for XBox are actually huge revenue streams…”

      Since when? XBox, the hardware, continues to lose money. It’s the software games where Microsoft make their profit. Selling the hardware at lower-than-cost is how M$ BOUGHT their way into the gaming market.

  4. My school district is giving all staff and students Google accounts starting next year. I’m advocating that our next round of laptop or netbook purchases skip Office entirely. In fact, Windows 7 is heavy lifting for netbooks, which are really all my students will need for accessing the cloud, so if our I.T. people weren’t complete Microsoft drones, I’d push for going with Chrome. Not that Google is that much less evil right now, but the point is, Microsoft is quickly losing relevance.

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