eBay reveals its iPad 2 sales data

“While the wait continues for the official number of iPad 2s sold by Apple since its launch earlier this month, eBay this morning is sharing a peek at two weeks of iPad 2 buying activity from its U.S. site,” Josh Lowensohn reports for CNET.

“Unsurprisingly the hard-to-get tablet has been moving briskly on the service, reaching just less than 12,000 sales in the two-week period between the U.S. launch and the iPad 2’s launch in 25 additional international countries,” Lowensohn reports. “What is surprising this time around is that eBay’s data shows a much higher percentage of iPads selling inside of the U.S. compared with the launch of the first-generation device. That number is 65 percent of sales remaining in the U.S., compared to just 35 percent in 2010.”

Lowensohn reports, “While eBay’s numbers represent just a piece of the estimated sales of the iPad 2 from Apple’s retail stores and other retailers, it provides a very interesting look at which models are the most popular and how much users are willing to pay on top of the price tag in order to get their hands on one.”

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  1. It shows how artificially low the price of the iPad actually is. Apple would have done well to had increased the price due to low supply, and let the price float as supply becomes available.

    1. People don’t seem to grasp, Jobs is not a Capitalist. He may be head of a company in a capitalist economy, but he shares few of the sociopathic traits of true Capitalist.

        1. Why? Is there not something sociopathic about the me-first, screw-the-rest attitude displayed in varying ways by Koch Bros, Gates, Trump, Soros? Most people make a few billion and think it gives them the right to (at worst) be a criminally selfish asshat and at best, an annoyingly paternalistic ruler of the world. Steve just stays focused on his business of selling great products.

        2. The driving force behind most corporations is to make a profit for its shareholders by ***most*** means necessary. A corporation by definition is single minded, obsessive compulsive and anti-social in that regard.

          I’m not necessarily saying anything is wrong with that. It is what it is. To counteract the possible anti-societal effect requires countervailing forces. One good one is competition. the other balance is government regulation and the rule of law. So in all due respect, I don’t think quiviran is a poor ignorant fool, he is looking at the potential ruthless nature of business. You should lighten up a bit and look at the big picture.

    2. I talked to sales person at local Target yesterday. Most of what Target got was the high end iPad 2’s. Could be that the scramble has allowed Apple to increase its ARPU while holding its price point. Someone in line for hour(s) probably isn’t going to walk away empty handed given a choice of no 16GB or an available 32 or 64 gb 32gb.

      1. Spot on. It’s a proven and widely used sales tactic to lure potential customers in with low-priced offers, but when they get there, all excited and in a cannot-wait-to-get-my-hands-on-it mood, the low-priced items are long gone, and the only choice is the higher-priced ones. Everybody does it, especially during sales days.

  2. this cliche f corporations by nature being evil and anti social is foolish. In a free society, companies become successful by providing a service or product desired or needed.

    So there are different ways to go about it. Ruthless and illegal like M$ and Google, or simple thru good products and management like Apple.

  3. What you are seeing is the culmination of S. Jobs experience. He lost the first market dominating product, Macintosh, because artificially high price without key partners.

    In iPad, he saw the ability to dominate the market, get to the time honored “Market Share” via first mover dominance and he is partnering with developers at a feverish pace. Apple in iPad and iPod did not have to resort to price slashing to achieve market share that is a sig. force to drive economies of scale.

    Brilliant, and keep on going I say.

    1. The pri e oc the Mac was not artificially high for the time considering what components went for back them per kilobyte. The concept was ahead of it’s time for the quality of components and what the Market was willing to bear at the time. U owned a fat Mac which I paid $2800 for and it was capable of competing with $50,000 unix work stations at thf time. The problem is most PC users did not realise this.

  4. Walked by one of the local Apple Stores this morning. About a hundred people in line for the day’s iPad allotment. Still, after all this time.

    I’m waiting until I can walk in and get one without waiting or fear the version I want is out of stock. There are a lot of people like me. A lot.

    1. Come to Montreal….there are some in stock at our Apple store. However, since our dollar is now worth more than the US greenback ($103.2 this AM), yo may have to pay a little extra.

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