iPad 2 sales forecasts torn up as Apple struggles to meet epic demand

“Huge demand for Apple’s iPad 2 has led one long-time Apple watcher, Needham & Co. analyst, Charlie Wolf, to increase his projected 2011 sales figures by 50%,” Kenny Hemphill reports for MacUser. Wolf has “revised his forecast from 20 million to 30 million units for 2011 and from 30 million to 40 million units for 2012.”

“In the US, where the iPad 2 has been on sale since 11 March, queues are still forming outside retailers when new shipments arrive,” Hemphill reports.

“In the UK, Apple retail stores are advising prospective purchasers to order online to ensure they don’t miss out. Apple’s online store, however, is currently quoting a 3-4 week dispatch estimate,” Hemphill reports. “The Guardian reported on Monday, that the biggest non-Apple retailer carrying the iPad 2, Argos, had run out of stock completely and didn’t expect to get more until 25 April.”

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