HP exec bemoans Apple’s ‘non-inclusive philosophy of partner capabilities’

“Hewlett Packard knows it has a tough fight on its hands in the tablet and smartphone market, where Apple has raced out to a big lead on the strength of astonishing iOS developer momentum,” Kevin McLaughlin reports for CRN. “But HP insists its strong channel partner pedigree will make the WebOS development story a more compelling and profitable one than Apple’s.”

“HP is planning major investments in training partners to add WebOS development and mobility practices to their product mix,” McLaughlin reports. “Stephen DeWitt, senior vice president of HP’s Americas Solution Partners Organization, suggests that the level of partner commitment HP brings to bear is pretty much unheard of within Apple’s iOS development ecosystem. ‘Apple’s relationship with partners is transactional, completely. Apple doesn’t have an inclusive philosophy of partner capabilities, and that’s just absurd,’ DeWitt said in an interview Monday at HP’s Americas Partner Conference in Las Vegas.”

McLaughlin reports, “Solution providers that have done business with Apple have voiced similar concerns in the past. Those that continue selling Apple products have done so despite feeling, in some cases, like Apple doesn’t have their best interests at heart. But mobility is an area of IT that hasn’t been traditionally handled by the channel, so it’s tough to say that Apple is missing the boat here. HP, nonetheless, is forging ahead with its partner-oriented WebOS message.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Before HP blathers on about channel partnering, perhaps they should shut up and ship something to their “partners” first and prove that they’re more than just webOS-branded retail shelving dust collectors, for a change.


  1. This is pure nonsense based on the fact that HP is trailing in the race for growth and profit margins, and now the iPad is starting to blow the roof off the traditional business of heaping overweight junk on pc sheep customers. The page has turned and these guys were not prepared for it.

  2. On the other hand? lol WHAT? Apple is no more a job creator than any other american ‘outsourcing’ mega company.

    Any computer or device that is selling is creating ‘jobs’ for developers. That isn’t inclusive to any device!

    Every iPod/iPad/iPhone is made in China.

    You are kidding yourself if you think apple is a job creator in this country!

    That being said I do want iPads in industry. Its the first tablet that might actually *work* in the enterprise 🙂

      1. I’m not debating that one bit!

        I’m simply pointing out that its a joke for someone to believe for one minute that Apple is a ‘jobs’ creator in this country while a company like Dell or HP is simply shipping all the jobs overseas!

        All of them are nothing more than large corporations who ship jobs to the cheapest corner of the earth.

        Sure some jobs get created here and there (Apple Retail or HP suppport contractors physically on site for example) but none of these companies is more ‘american’ than the next when it comes down to it.

      2. The Apple Stores (brick and mortar) are employing Americans.That’s not bad.
        There are also many in Cupertino that might be surprised to find that what they have is not a “job”.
        Also, I see iPod/Pad/Phone accessories showing up everywhere (my local drug store!)… someone is designing, shipping and stocking them.

    1. I’m a hardware tech. The explosive rate at which Apple sales have increased over the past decade means that there are many new jobs being created in America.
      Someone has to fix these things 😀

  3. > Apple doesn’t have an inclusive philosophy of partner capabilities, and that’s just absurd,

    “Inclusive philosophy of partner capabilities”? It’s “absurd” that VP’s at HP can’t speak to the media plainly. Yes, Apple’s business practices are so “absurd” that HPQ is now worth about $90B and AAPL is at $320B, for market cap.

    HP is obviously adopting Apple’s self-reliant “philosophy” by severing or curtailing reliance on its “partners” Microsoft and Google to provide key software for its products. HP is SO “absurd”…

  4. Apple has “partners”: Best Buy, Radio Shack, media companies, and more. Apple just focuses on the customer, because if the customer likes it, the buyer buys it, the partner sells it, and everyone wins. Microsoft and HP have a different tack. They build products for their partners, not their customers. The customers don’t like it, the buyers don’t buy it, the partners can’t sell it, and everyone loses.

  5. @ Dude McFarland

    Yes, Apple’s products are manufactured in China. So are Dell’s Both companies’ products are manufactured by Foxconn.

    However, I think that the employees in Cupertino, in the Apple Stores, in Radio Shacks and Best Buys, as well as the datacenter in North Carolina would differ with you. The telephone support people and the repair facility in Texas might disagree with you and agree with them. Then there are the people in corporate sales (which you don’t hear about) and the Washington lobbyists. Not to mention the companies who are selling custom iPad and apps to the military.

    1. lol no more than HP’s approx 68000 US employees with would differ with the assumption that HP just ships jobs overseas.

      Speaking of support that group in Texas must be pretty small supporting apple products. I worked with a firm and we trained a large number of apple support reps over a one year period. They were not in Texas! Not even the U.S… not even close!

  6. I partnered with HP in another life. They were completely “channel-centric” until they weren’t. When they decided they could “better handle” the partners’ customers, they just took them. No warning. No discussion.

    If you shake the hand of anyone at HP, check your pokets afterwards, and count your fingers…

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