Apple iPhone ‘could be charged by the human heart’

“The human heartbeat could be used to power an ipod after scientists developed a tiny chip which uses the body’s own movement to generate power. Scientists hope that as the nanotechnology used in the chip evolves, it could lead to electronics which don’t require batteries or mains power,” The Telegraph reports. “Hailed as a milestone, it can use tiny movements such as the pinch of a finger to generate power.”

“The team, presenting their findings at the National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society, have used it to power LCD displays and diodes, as well as to transmit a radio signal once its generated power has been stored,” The Telegraph reports. “Dr Zhong Lin Wang, of Georgia Institute of Technology said: ‘This development represents a milestone toward producing portable electronics that can be powered by body movements without the use of batteries or electrical outlets. Our nanogenerators are poised to change lives in the future. Their potential is only limited by one’s imagination.'”

The Telegraph reports, “Five nanogenerators working together produced about 1 micro ampere output current at 3 volts about the same voltage generated by two regular AA batteries. Dr Wang said: ‘While a few volts may not seem like much, it has grown by leaps and bounds over previous versions of the nanogenerator. Additional nanowires and more nanogenerators, stacked together, could produce enough energy for powering larger electronics, such as an iPod or charging a cell phone.'”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “BlackWolf” for the heads up.]


  1. Great idea, but they are coming at it from the wrong angle. Why not put the nano devices on the larynx? There are enough blowhards and bellyachers in the world to obsolete petrol.

  2. So, it’s like a grid-tied PhotoVoltaic solar array? When your iPhone needs juice, your heart charges it, and when your heart goes on the fritz, your iPhone can jolt you back to life? Who needs those $1000 defib kits that weigh 20 pounds when you have your iPhone.

  3. Seems to me that the ideal use would be to have them integrated into your clothing. All motion throughout the day would generate and store energy. And in your shoes? Fugedaboudit!

  4. Not sure about that battery technology juiced by heart power…

    Last thing I want to see or probably will see with such a device is the low battery warning light and me saying…

    t t

    (and the iPhone will have that antiquated light of those last few powered pixels in the center of the screen as the power fades, just like those old time analog tvs of the ’50’s.)

  5. I HATE the amount of scientists that waste their time doing this nonsensical stuff. Like the ones who are trying to halt global warming sending thousands of lenses that would cost trillions of dollars and position them in orbit instead of simply researching nuclear fusion or something like that.

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