Apple iPad 2 prices lowest in U.S., Denmark most expensive

“Apple’s new iPad went on sale in 25 countries internationally on Friday, but the United States is still the cheapest place to buy the latest version of the tablet computer,” Georgina Prodhan reports for Reuters.

“Prices in the United States, where the iPad 2 has been on sale since March 11, start at $499 for the most basic model — with 16 gigabytes of storage and Wi-Fi only connectivity — while the same model in Denmark costs the equivalent of $702,” Prodhan reports. “In the euro zone, the basic iPad 2 is selling at 479 euros ($678) in most countries, although it is slightly more expensive in France and cheaper in Luxembourg.”

Prodhan reports, “Unusually, it is cheaper in Britain than in continental Europe, selling for 399 pounds ($642).”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. In México, at the Apple Store on line, the price for a iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi Only has a price tag of MX$6,999.00. If you use today official exchange rate of MX$11.98 mexican pesos per US dollar, the price is US$503.70 plus 16% VAT, what is not so high.
    Lots of people compares the US$499.00 price tag in the US Apple Store with, say, US$584.00 in Mexico, but even in the US, they charge taxes later.

    1. But the highest sales tax rate in the US is just 11% (in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama), the average rate is 9.64%, and 4 states (Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon) have no sales tax at all.

  2. Cost for the 16gb WiFi in Canada is $519cdn. It’s $499usd, but with the exchange rate that works out to Approx. $489cdn. Worth it if you are on a trip to the U.S. anyway.

    1. Not that this is a reason or a factor in setting prices, the fact that Apple locked in some of the major component costs at the time that the American dollar was significantly higher than the majority of exchanges.

      As such, countries that now are enjoying a positive exchange rate since, are going to see a some-what disparaging, to some, pricing structure.

      Those that are, like Canada, and those that live close enough to a U.S. store can enjoy paying less than their U.S. counterparts. This is particularly if you can walk there, as the prices in fuel could offset the balance against you.

  3. Wish it was not as expensive as it was. Still, I had to get myself one..and though I had my doubts initially whether I’d be able to do anything apart from using it for music and videos, I’m happy to say that its not. There are some pretty useful apps, the latest and most useful one for me being freephoo which converts the ipad into a phone and works over wifi or 3g. Really nice, I would say.

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