Apple’s Online Store improves iPad 2 shipping dates to 3-4 weeks from 4-5 weeks

Apple’s Online Store has improved iPad 2 shipping date estimates from 4-5 weeks to 3-4 weeks for all 18 iPad 2 models.

Over the past couple of days, several readers have emailed MacDailyNews to let us know that their online iPad 2 orders have shipped ahead of schedule.

Taken together, it seems that Apple may be getting a handle on iPad 2’s supply/demand imbalance. And not a moment too soon, as the iPad 2 goes on sale in 25 more countries at 5pm local time on March 25th.

AppleInsider notes, “Last week, a report from the Far East indicated that Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn had stockpiled enough components to continue to assemble iPad 2 units for at least another two to three weeks. It was said that if the situation in Japan did not improve, Apple could face a stockout of the iPad 2. But for now those concerns appear to be unfounded, as availability appears to be improving with quicker shipping estimates.”

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  1. Ordered mine Monday. After the initial shipment details which were for delivery on April 29th, checked yesterday and they bumped it up to April 26th. 3 days closer. Maybe they will continue to improve..

  2. Just got off the phone with the Apple Store to change some info. When ask if there was anything else, I said “ship my iPad”. She laughed. Said some ship dates were now into May. Mine is still April 11.

    Did see several models available at the local Best Buy on Wednesday, but not the one I wanted. Almost ten of the Verizon version in black. Only two AT&T, also in black and about four wifi.

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