iPad 2 benchmarks destroy Motorola Xoom

iPad 2’s GPU is Imagination Technologies’ PowerVR SGX 543MP2. “Architecturally the 543MP2 has more than twice the compute horsepower of the SGX 535 used in Apple’s A4,” Anand Lal Shimpi reports for AnandTech. As always we turn to GLBenchmark 2.0, a benchmark crafted by a bunch of developers who either have or had experience doing development work for some of the big dev houses in the industry.”

iPad 2 benchmarks - Fill Rate -Texture Fetch

MacDailyNews Note: AnandTech confirmed to MacDailyNews that both the original iPad and the iPad 2 that they benchmarked were running iOS 4.3.

iPad 2 benchmarks - GLBenchmark 2.0 Egypt

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: Xoom is extremely well-named. Soon the only way to see a Xoom will be to dig one up.

Good news for those who have been afflicted with a Motorola Xoom via Verizon Wireless: You may return or exchange your Motorola Xoom purchased from Verizon Wireless within 14 days of purchase. Not-so-good news: A restocking fee of $70 applies to any return or exchange of a Motorola Xoom (excluding Hawaii).

Verizon Wireless offers more info about how to return your Xoom so you can go get the iPad you really wanted here.

[Attribution: Electronista. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Joe Architect” for the heads up.]


  1. Looks impressive. However, smells fishy too. I don’t doubt the iPad could be faster, but I’ve seen other tests where the Nvidia Tegra 2 spanks the A5. So I don’t think this test is entirely accurate.

    1. There are most likely processes that directly access the GPU APIs where the Nvidia would do well. I’d like to see those results. In the meantime, for general processing, the A5 is clearly kicking Xoom butt.

      1. the A5 is not a CPU it’s a SoC.. CPU, GPU, Memory and interfaces between all that suff..

        it’s the opposite of what you say.. the A5 has a dual, dual core GPU (i.e. 4 cores) where as the tegra only has a dual core GPU (only 2 cores).. the A5 is 3-4 times better in terms of GPU performance than the tegra 2.. general CPU performance is about equal..

        so for gaming performance, the choice is clear.. the iPad is really the only choice in town..

    2. Ok, guys, here’s the link to the testing that shows the Nvidia besting Apple’s A5 on 2 of 3 tests… the reality is that the chips have very similar processing power… that’s why I have been suspicious of Anandtech’s testing. The numbers just don’t seem to be ‘real’. I could be wrong, but there seems to be something hokey with their numbers. Also, there’s lots of tests and data out there no the Nividia Tegra2. It’s a damn fine chip with probably the best graphics performance of any mobile chip out there.

      I am in no way saying that benchmarks = real world performance. I like the iPad 2 and think it’s nice and fast. But it’s also worth pointing this stuff out. And by the way, Gingerbread is quite fast and fluid on the XOOM, even though the XOOM has its problems. Reviews have been critical as we know, but what they do highlight is how fast and fluid Gingerbread is. I think over time Gingerbread will get better and run better. But I just don’t think Anandtech’s scoring is accurate.

      Here’s the other benchmark tests:


    1. Nice. I almost had my hands on an iPad 2 but it was only Verizon and I needed the AT&T version, Fail, if they only shipped more.
      When Motorola was only showing video on the Xoom at CES I thought something was fishy. If the OS was ready they would have let people play with it. If it wasn’t ready to show at CES, then no way it would be ready 2 months later. It’s been weeks and they still haven’t released a fix to get the SD card working. Can we say beta.

  2. I would love to compare the iPad 2 with my existing iPad 1 except that after waiting several hours at my local Apple Store (Temecula) on both Friday and Saturday, I have been unable to actually purchase a 64GB AT&T iPad 2, either black or white.

    Maybe I’ll get lucky after waiting for several hours tomorrow.

    At the very least, I know the employees are completely clueless as to the ongoing shipment statuses, and will be of absolutely no help whatsoever. Well, as long as I want any answer to any question other than, “Maybe.”

    BTW, local Best Buys/Wal-Marts/Targets/AT&T stores have been just as clueless and just as short on supply.

    1. At a meeting today a friend showed me his niffy new iPad 2. He is a guy who uses a Windows laptop and an HTC Android phone. He is ‘in love with’ his iPad 2, the first Apple thingy he has ever purchased. He is already filling it up with apps! What I saw was flawlessly elegant, clearly faster and more responsive than iPad 1 on iOS 4.2. I am now lusting in my heart for one myself! 8)

  3. The Xoom was designed to compete with the iPad 1. It falls short even in this task, what more when put up against the iPad 2. The Xoom is nothing more than a pathetic hack of the iPad 1. As some commentators have said, the Xoom looks like it was built in a Soviet prison camp. 

    On the subject of Android as its primary OS, the best that can be said of this is comparing iOS Shakespeare with a thousand monkeys randomly thrashing the keyboard of a typewriter and coming out with the absolute junk that is Honeycomb.

    What Google fails to understand is that buyers paying $800 for craptastic hardware are not happy campers being treated as beta testers of junk software.

    1. I love how the Fandroids on Engadget are going insane with argument like how Xoom was handicapped because it had to display more pixels. Like 30% more pixels can expalin why Xoom is up to 4X slower than iPad 2 in graphics.

      What’s even funnier is how so many of them think Honeycomb’s mess of a UI – one that is covered in blinky widgets and dozens of scattered items like the desk of a chain smoking film noir private investigator – is actually something consumers will find appealing.

      Making a tablet more like Windows 95 is not a winning proposition.

      Which just means that Google will now have to spend another year thoroughly revamping Honeycomb, by which time we will be getting our hands on iPad 3 running iOS 5.

  4. What’s really genius about Apple’s iPad 2 strategy was how they totally underplayed the specs. “It’s not about the specs.” And first initial reviews were all like, “Incremental and evolutionary improvements.”

    Then they release a device that in-depth analysis reveals to be a generational leap over the competition.

    Suddenly, the tens of millions of dollars Motorola invested in the Xoom product development, along with the millions they have spent on marketing is DOWN THE DRAIN.

    Which mean Motorola probably doesn’t have much cash left for Xoom 2 development since they very clearly bet the house on Xoom 1 and their business model no doubt depended on the imaginary cash flow to fund Xoom 2.

    Same thing for Samsung, which probably has to write off several hundred million dollars for unsold Galaxy Tabs right now. Even if Sammy is being coy about how much it shipped vs. sold, they know the truth. Galaxy Tab 2 no doubt will have much less marketing dollars devoted to it, with much less production, and now this revelation about the iPad 2 graphics prowess will force Samsung to sell Galaxy Tab at close to zero margin, meaning Galaxy Tab 3 development is going to seriously suffer down the line.

    Apple just streamrolled the competition at the starting gates with this GPU ninja move (after having done a leisurely lap with iPad 1) and it’s pretty much clear sailing until 2012 when we can look forward to iPad 3 with a Retina Display.

  5. impressions of droid lovers defence of Xoom, they go something like these:

    — excuse for app-lack : “with the xoom you don’t have to waste you time playing with thousands of apps”

    — excuse for not ready features like non functioning sd card, LTE: “this shows that motorola is pushing the envelope unlike Apple”

    — frequent crashes: “I’ll rather restart my xoom several times a session than use an iPad” (actual comment)

    –expense of the xoom, lack of wifi version currently : “As everyone eventually will want 3G Motorola is doing everyone a favour and stopping people from buying a wifi only device which they will regret”.

    — iPad 2 lines of customers, selling out “Toys like iPad will always outsell serious devices”.

    — iPad 2 GPU way faster “Xoom has a larger screen” (DW: 25% or so bigger but iPad faster in some tests 400% or more .. )

    — malware at the Google App Store: “I will take this as the price of freedom”.

    1. @Davewrite:
      I wanted to evaluate every excuse, but realized it is a total waste of time. Whoever is making these comments is either (A) Incoherent (B) An outright TechTard (C) Trolling.

      The very worst of these bozoid statements is: “malware at the Google App Store: ‘I will take this as the price of freedom”.
      -> Freedom from what? Define ‘freedom’ once your device has been PWNed. Tsk tsk. 😥

      The sales of these devices and customer satisfaction data will undoubtedly bear out that all of these excuses are worthless and laughter provoking. We’ve seen it all before with Windows apologists. Have fun with Android kiddies.

        1. Dear anonymous coward ‘adadfasdf’,

          You trolled: “Shut up.”
          -> Ever the intellectual response to data and opinions one refuses to acknowledge. **applause** Not inspired.

          As for your link, I have already read through the PC Magazine article. It was previously linked above. My favorite lines from the article are:

          “What does this mean? I have no idea, but I’m working on it, and I could use your suggestions.”

          “As in many other things, it looks like Apple is truly blazing its own trail when it comes to mobile processors.”

          Therefore, your point adadfasdflmnopxyz?
          Or are you just another yawn inducing generic Google troll?
          If so, please continue your rant-fest for my amusement.

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