Firefox VP: Adobe Flash is doomed

“To say Mozilla’s Jay Sullivan has an opinion about Adobe Flash would be an understatement,” Mike Schuster reports for Minyanville. “As the company’s VP of products, Sullivan is as aware as anyone about Flash’s toll on Firefox. Prior to the browser’s implementation of crash protection last June, Flash was responsible for more crashes than any other plug-in, according to Computerworld.”

“Today, Sullivan has adopted Apple’s stance on Flash — decidedly con. He maintains that HTML5 will be the future of multimedia content, as more developers begin migrating to the platform. Freeing both designers and users from what Sullivan calls ‘plug-in prison,’ HTML5 will run natively without the need to install an external application,” Schuster reports. “And as a huge advocate of HTML5, Mozilla will make it the central focus of Firefox 4 — which is due to launch soon. ‘HTML5 is the longer-term answer,’ Sullivan explained to Fast Company.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Sleep tight, Shantanu.

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  1. KenC — In 2006 the Mozilla Corporation generated 66.8 million dollars in revenue and 19.8 million in expenses, with 85% of that revenue coming from Google for “assigning [Google] as the browser’s default search engine, and for click-throughs on ads placed on the ensuing search results pages.”[6] — revenue NOT financing.

    In August 2006, Microsoft posted a letter on Mozilla newsgroups[10] and offered to open up a new open-source facility at its headquarters in Redmond, Wash., to Mozilla software engineers. Mozilla responded by accepting the offer.[11]

    I BELIEVE it is MICROSOFT with the financing support.

  2. There are many sites I no longer visit due to Flash. Blizzard Entertainment, E! Online (I love gossip rags), and a few bands websites. It’s a shame for their advertisers because iPad users are a prime target, and a very captive audience.

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  3. All I personally care about right now is a way to view simple animations on the iPhone (don’t have the iPad yet). I have no problem coding in HTML 5 but gif format doesn’t cover it, and designing a simple cartoon in Flash and exporting it as a .mov file seems overkill, but maybe that’s the only way. There was a plugin called smokescreen that was supposed to convert simple Flash animations to Javascript, but it’s been almost a year and they are still “previewing it”.

    What I do is draw original artwork, scan it, then touch it up in Illustrator. From there, I export to Flash and start making my cartoon. When I bring this up, I’m told to just use jQuery instead. Which again, is overkill. I’m creating simple animations… they are not intended to be interactive or high tech. I just want them to play on mobile devices without having to be an mp4 file. I have searched and searched but still haven’t found a wsyiswyg that uses the CANVAS element, that would be an effective substitute for Flash. Last time I brought this up I was accused of being a plant for Adobe.

    Again, I don’t care about building a website in Flash, or using it for interactive elements, Javascript is fine for that. But I want a a way to show my animations that has a small file size, works on iOs, and uses a wysiwyg interface. I am open to all suggestions. Thanks.

  4. It’s called options… If apple allowed the CHOICE in iOS I could happily wait for the new web standard. But to say I won’t visit sites due to flash is ridiculus!

    1. @Applejuice

      Agreed. Consumer choice is the best approach. WTF. I love Apple and my company runs on Macs. Does that make them the all-knowing, all-seeing Oz? Heck no. They make great equipment and great software. But, that does not mean every decision they make is the right one for the consumer. Not supporting Flash development on mobiles when Flash is everywhere on the web is not in the consumer’s or e-retailers best interest. It works for Apple.

      By the way, I do not like automatic transmissions on cars. Every major problem I have ever had with a car is because of automatic transmissions. I hate driving on the same highway as people who have it and I think anyone who supports automatic transmissions is an idiot. I am going to start a campaign to eliminate them. Care to sign up?

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