HP CEO Apotheker: All HP PCs will dual-boot Windows and webOS starting in 2012

HP CEO since Nov. 1, Leo Apotheker is “overhauling HP’s $41 billion personal-computer division and says he will use acquisitions to expand in the software market, dominated by rivals such as Oracle Corp. and International Business Machines Corp,” Aaron Ricadela reports for Bloomberg. “Apotheker is reversing Hurd’s emphasis on cost-cutting in a bid to improve product quality and spur home-grown technology, and he’s touring HP’s offices to find ways to get products to market more quickly.”

“‘HP has lost its soul,’ he said in an interview at Hewlett-Packard’s headquarters in Palo Alto, California, offering a glimpse of the vision he will outline in greater detail at an event on March 14 in San Francisco,” Ricadela reports. “Apotheker, 57, resigned as CEO of German software maker SAP AG in February 2010 amid falling sales, clashes with unions over job cuts and a price increase that vexed customers. He takes the helm of a company facing slowing revenue growth and accelerating competition in cloud computing, a fast-growing area of technology that delivers software and storage via the Internet.”

Ricadela reports, “Apotheker says he also wants to make better use of WebOS, the computer-operating system acquired last year when Hewlett-Packard purchased smartphone maker Palm Inc. for $1.2 billion. Starting next year, every one of the PCs shipped by HP will include the ability to run WebOS in addition to Microsoft Corp.’s Windows, Apotheker said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apotheker is saying all the right things. Whether he can get things done effectively is the question.


    1. HP is not a Windows partner. It is THE windows partner. They sell more Windows products than anyone (Dell is second). Look for knee jerk responses from other major vendors in the near future. Hey Dell, care to dual boot Chrome OS or a custom Linux distro?!? DIE WINDOWS DIE!

  1. This is a smart marketing move by HP, since makes it easier for owners of HP computers to transition to HP tablets or phones. And it does the opposite, too, easing the transition for HP tablet/phone users who purchase HP computers.

    In fact, this makes so much sense that it’s exactly what Apple needs to be doing: infusing Mac OS with features and Apps from the iPhone’s iOS universe. That would make the iPhone a gateway product for future Mac buyers.

    News snippets on the next-gen Lion operating system seem to point in that direction: a Mac OS that’s a lot more like an iPad’s than the OS-X to which we’ve become accustomed.

  2. If I were made CEO of Microsoft tomorrow, this is what I would do:

    1. Have all business and consumer software ported to iOS, WebOS, Chrome OS, Android and OS X as fast as possible.
    2. As soon as step one is finished I would start rebuilding all those software titles from the ground up.
    3. Start development of Windows 9 (and WP9) and base it on Unix/Linux.
    4. Evolve the Xbox to be the core of all living room entertainment. (Think cable box + xbox + appleTV + Tivo + GoogleTV + blueray player + home theater)
    5. Buy Nokia and Dell and start designing fully integrated products.
    6. Tie MSN, Bing, and cloud services closely together.
    7. Start working on what’s next.

    As a board member would you vote for me?

  3. I like HP’s plan. Yes, we can certainly accuse HP of copying Apple, *but* I like that HP is attempting to differentiate itself from the other (PC makers). I’m an Apple buyer through and through, but you have to admit, it’s a breath of LONG-OVERDUE fresh air seeing multiple OSs in the market, rather than one crappy, dominant MS OS.

  4. This is fascinating. Clearly initially tis is so that HP phones/tablets can be seamlessly accommodated at the desktop level, but clearly it is intended to take over more and more from Windows as it develops and matures. HP understands as Apple always has, that to stand out (eventually survive) from the threat of Asian manufacturers they will need to be innovative and offer something they can’t. In the Windows world they like Dell will inevitably die as they are presently structured. I wish them luck and above all it supports Apples strategy after all those years of constant bleats that the vertical integrated structure cant compete. Soon it will be the only way to compete for western companies. Yes expect Dell et al to try to copy this solution in some way.

  5. I’v always liked hp’s rpn calculators since the day My dad let me use his 32s

    I think owning a R.I.S.C. based desktop would ROCK, as long as
    1 its cheap (so I still have money left for mac stuff)
    2 it doesn’t run windows (or at least, have installed

  6. HP forgot to mention how many Palm Pre owners they stiffed by not making WebOS 2 available to them….just another bad move on their part. People with phones that are under a year old yet will not see any further software updates.

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