Thunderbolt set to race across entire Mac lineup by the end of 2011

“Intel’s Light Peak technology (also known as Thunderbolt) was first introduced on Apple’s MacBook Pro line-up last month,” Mark Reschke writes for Three Guys an a Podcast. “Thunderbolt is set to race across the Mac platform, spreading across Apple’s entire lineup by the end of 2011.”

“The next Mac product to include Thunderbolt is the Mac mini — via a product update due this month,” Reschke writes. “Following the Mac mini will updates to the iMac and Mac Pro towers. That said, both systems update timelines have varied greatly in the past few years. What is not known is how many Thunderbolt ports each system will receive.”

Reschke writes, “The MacBook Air appears slated to be the last Mac in Apple’s lineup to receive the Thunderbolt technology, sometime during the late-fall of 2011.”

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    1. Not only is it the same shape but all the current adaptors work with it.
      So essentially Apple have kept the display port and added connectivity for data i/o devices as well.
      Will be cool once those adaptors come out.

  1. JB Tipton was right on Monday 3/7was right
    JB Tipton
    Monday, March 7, 2011 – 3:10 pm · Reply

    “Thunderbolt…. can’t be added to my machine with a PCI card. It would seem that the main purpose of Thunderbolt is to render existing hardware obsolete.”
    Guess they want everybody to buy a new MacBook Pro and have it fall apart in 3-4 years. Why? The Mac Pro line doesn’t fall apart for a long time, by that time they will have a new architecture for the Mac Pro line to make the old one totally obsolete so you must then purchase a whole new tower, by that time a new MacBook Pro line and the whole ruse repeats itself again….. then a new connector…..and…..

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