Apple has clarified plans for digital locker, say music execs

“Apple, which rocked digital music services such as Pandora, Rdio and MOG last week by announcing plans to keep 30 per cent of all revenues from subscriptions taken out through its App Store, has clarified its plans for using remote storage, known as the cloud, according to several music industry executives,” Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson and Tim Bradshaw report for The Financial Times.

“More than a year after buying Lala, a cloud-based digital music service, Apple is now looking to use the cloud mainly to allow users of its iTunes store to back up their collections and access them from any Apple device,” Edgecliffe-Johnson and Bradshaw report. “One person with knowledge of Apple’s plans said the company did not want to undermine the market that it dominates for paid downloads, likening its plans for the cloud to ‘insurance.'”

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  1. Oh that’s what the data center in north Carolina they built is for. I hope it’s a locker because I buy songs on other devices with my apple Id of others for whatever reason but Im unable to downloacom then they can probably need up selling storage less devices for one set price for cheaper and really kill the market

  2. Backup iTunes to cloud — then provide access from any Apple device? Anywhere? Sounds fantastic. I’ve got 2TB of music & movies that never leave the house because I don’t have the foresight to synch.

  3. what about the 10mm plus users who listen to their ipods on the subway everyday where there is NO SERVICE. every ride an above ground train and try to Mae a phone call (insert joke here). How am I supposed to believe I will ever have access to mupy music when I need it. Not when I’m already at the office and allegedly working??

    1. I don’t think they are talking about streaming. So that concern is irrelevant.

      They are just talking about just holding a copy of your itunes library away from your PC or laptop encase your HD crashes or something so you can recover your music intact.

  4. Journalism is dead. This article doesn’t mention the fact that apple has already hinted the 30% structure is intended for publishing. How can a consumer like me have more of a scoop on something than those with the power to write news on news sites? I’m in the wrong business, apparently.

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