Apple is simply the best American capitalism has to offer

ZAGGmate iPad case“Face it; a consumer orgy is no place to read a good book,” John Roach writes for Madison Magazine. “But lately I have become a frequent flyer (not walker) of West Towne Mall, the large shopping factory with the quaint ‘e’ at the end of its ‘Town.’ The reason for these frequent visits, however, is not about the past, but about the future. For housed in the wide corridors of West Towne is ‘The Coolest Place in Madison.’ And I ain’t talkin’ Cinnabon. I’m talking the Apple Store.”

“Right now, at this time in the history of mankind, there is no cooler place in Madison than the Apple Store at West Towne Mall,” Roach writes. “There is a litany for this coolness. First there is the new world dominance of Apple products: the beauty and functionality of their design, their category-defining product introductions, their unrelenting march to create a digital proletariat experience, and the business and creative genius of illness-haunted Steve Jobs.”

“For my money, Apple is America’s twenty-first-century replacement for Standard Oil, General Motors and IBM,” Roach writes. “These blue-jeaned wizards have not just redefined the business of computers. Their creativity, modernized Yankee work ethic and ingenuity has forever altered other global businesses including music, movies, books, telephones, academia, travel and home entertainment. Right now Apple is simply the best American capitalism has to offer.”

“If I were to wish one thing, it would be to escort government, educational and business leaders from all over Wisconsin to the Apple Store for one hour and make them watch in silence. Force them to witness the combined best of the digital new with the reassuring constants of skilled, motivated employees thrilling satisfied customers,” Roach writes. “Alive in employees and customers alike, there is something present that is missing in American government, public institutions, automobile, real estate and banking industries, and other beleaguered endeavors. It is Hope, combined with a likable touch of New American Swagger. Which is Cool. Which America also invented.”

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    1. Employees of a truly well-run business have no need for a union. Unions should arise to correct toxic employer/employee relations, and should fade away when no longer needed.

  1. I though Maobama’s new spokesnerd said it was the government’s job to create the next great technology?? Unions are the toxic poison that is destroying our great country with the help of the Marxist Maobama Regime. 2012 will be our time to vote these crazies out.

    Apple is the best!

    1. Other than the last sentence, your post is bullshit top to bottom. In fact, given how ridiculous the 1st paragraph is, I’m amazed you even got the part about Apple right.

        1. Maobama = meaningless bullshit
          spokesnerd = Jr. High-level derision
          “unions are the toxic poison” = ignoring how unions helped create the middle class
          Marxist Maobama Regime = betrays complete historical ignorance combined with an inability to resist hyperbole

          You calling me delusional fool = Typical name-calling
          You calling me “the problem in our world” = Further evidence how willing people are to give in to childish emotions to condemn others they know nothing about.

  2. Apple is fortunate to operate in one of the few industries with very limited government interference. Auto, energy, pharma, banking and manufacturing face significant government dictation of policies which have the effect of reducin their ability to shape their destiny in the way Apple has. American companies in these sectors would be doing much better if they were permitted to operate freely and their customers had the same freedom to either buy their products or not. Of course it is true that Apple, and Steve Jobs in particular, has shown brilliance in deciding on a strategy, sticking to it, and keeping total commitment on quality in every product. It is truly an amazing company. It would not have achieved this if the government had dictated it’s prices, the details of product lines (as auto companies have their lines determined by CAFE requirements) and how much energy a plant can consume. Unleash all our companies and Americans in every sector could compete.

    1. I agree.

      My question though… For how long will government be able to keep their hands off?

      Everywhere government has injected themselves into the private sector.. Has turned into nothing but a regulated mess.

      1. The private sector’s failings lead to government intervention. It is the government’s responsibility to protect people and when they are victim of corporate scandals and deceit, the government will step in. This isn’t an Obama decision it is a government decision regardless of president or political party. That’s what makes America, America.

        This president’s plan is to find the best solution towards creating jobs, the economy, and the future direction of American. I used to vote Republican but sadly their interests are simply just that. They don’t care about Americans, they care about their money.

        Obama wants to invest in America just like Jobs invested in Apple. Jobs made strange and costly decisions that many people questioned but it paid off. Many people criticize the President for his decisions but his decisions are to rebuild America just like Jobs rebuilt Apple. It makes sense for Obama to talk to Steve.

        1. so “private industries failings have led to government intervention”. First, the Constitution does not permit the government to make arbitrary decisions about what industries are working and then take over their private decisions if state employees decide they don’t like results. That is permitted in Soviet style economies. Second, who is cleaning up for those areas where the government failures have created messes – the federal government has added 5 trillion dollars in debt in the last three years, most states have billion dollar deficits. The main thing the government excels at is creating very safe, lucrative jobs with excellent benefit packages. The idea that the government has expertise to clean up private industries is very funny. Let’s see – how about giving American companies printing presses so they can print their own money and thereby pay people better and compete better. That is what the government does. Just spend more every year and never look back. What genius.

          1. So… you’re arguing that corporations and industries will simply do what’s best in the interest of consumers? Interesting theory, but it hasn’t played out well. The de-regulated Savings and Loans collapsed in the eighties due to greed and mismanagement, costing the taxpayers millions. The banking industry’s greed and unethical – but legal – practice of betting that homeowners would default on their mortgages is the main reason they collapsed and we’re in such debt right now. Last year, about a dozen people died or nearly died from peanut butter that the company knew was borderline toxic, but decided it was too expensive to destroy, so they played with people’s lives. Right here at MDN, we read about corporate officers who are idiots and crooks who have a greater impact on our everyday lives than our congresspeople. I’m thinking of Mr. Ballmer here, for one. And I could go on.

            No, government doesn’t have expertise in every area, but if you want to be a wage slave, live at the mercy of corporations with little to no regulation, breathe filthy air, have toxic water flowing through your faucet, I recommend you move to China and work for Foxconn. At least you’d be guaranteed health care.

        2. Jobs and Apple invested their money – money they have. Obama invests my kids, grandkids, and great grandkids money. In other words he is leading the country to bankruptcy. So my question to you Mees, is WHO IS GOING TI PROTECT US FROM THE GOVERNMENT?

      2. I disagree. Companies cannot be trusted to police themselves. History is rife with examples of corporate greed leading to tragedy on a massive scale. The above examples are full of instances. Nor can they be trusted to treat their minions well. Again: History!

        Apple may very well be the exception that proves the rule. Quality in all things, including business ethics and an intelligent morality will result in lasting success.

        1. The greatest tragedies inflicted on people by corporations pale in comparison to the tragedies inflicted by governments. In the twentieth century, hundreds of millions of people were murdered by their own governments, not to mention those who died in wars.


          1. Agreed… but can you name one modern democracy where this has happened? Meanwhile, I can name many instances of corporate greed and mismanagement from the finance crash of 2008 to last year’s peanut butter poisonings, which could have been avoided by better oversight.

        2. Completely agree. If the government didn’t have to legislate morality and ethics, the world would be better for both business and consumers. Unfortunately, it seems to me that a few bad apples spoil it for everyone.

  3. Agree completely until the last paragraph. You could give them the playbook and politicians and government agencies couldn’t make it work. We have to hope that the government stays on the other coast, and leaves Silicon Valley alone.

  4. “Unleash all our companies and Americans in every sector could compete.”

    Down with mandatory headlights!
    Untainted meds are for losers!
    Let the oil spills flow and the market with prosper!

  5. Heres the thing about free enterprise. Companies can make their stuff and you are free to buy it or not. Are you man enough to handle that challenge? It requires you to use intelligence something most liberals don’t have. Now, since you are a liberal you should be promoting legislation (or just an executive action popular to this administration) to seize Apple’s 50 billion dollar cash pile, which clearly constitutes “excessive profits”, right. Everyone knows their prices are too high and they have too much money, versus other companies like Dell. It’s not fair, right?

  6. Nice sentiment, but it wouldn’t change a thing. We have a dysfunctional government ruling over a dysfunctional society of largely (aggregate) uneducated and willfully ignorant people.

    A few exceptions aside, our elected government is comprised of people who upon obtaining office make it their main job to retain said office. The electorate cannot find Brazil on a map, do not even know who represents them on the local council or legislature, and could not explain the history of why we have an embargo on Cuba- much less anything more complex. They can tell you who’s sleeping with who on Grey’s Anatomy or what outfit Lady GaGa wore the other night.

    Apple succeeds because of many things, but it comes down to well prepared people who are very focused working very hard. Science, technology and engineering don’t allow for lazy shortcuts or willful ignorance. Apple succeeds because it is willing to do what it takes and keeps at it.

    Go by a nearby University Engineering Department and peek into the classrooms as you walk the halls. What you will notice are very few ‘native’ Americans and an awful lot of foreign students, first generation children of immigrants and such from all over the world. The kids from families that have been here for generations are all over in the B-School trying to learn how to shuffle paper for money from behind a desk- no Physics or Chemistry for them.

    Our nation has a effed up government because we as a people (aggregate) have allowed it to be and our nation has been coasting for a very long time now on the fruits of the labor of Americans long retired or dead. Apple is the exception and that is unfortuante.

    1. @ DisINFormation

      Well said. And you people on “both” sides of the liberal conservative arguments better pull your heads out of your rears and listen to what this type of person has to say.

      YOU ARE BEING LIED TO ! Democrats and Republicans are lying to you. You are cattle. National Public Radio is sugar coating the truth and ignoring important stories. Glenn Beck is an entertainer/side show freak. Obama is an uncle Tom. The Democrats are in bed with all the same folks who sold us down the river the previous 50 years.

      You are in the Matrix. You are brainwashed tools of the state. This is all a show for their enjoyment. Stop showing your stupidity by repeating your received opinion.

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