New BBC iPlayer app coming soon to Apple’s revolutionary iPad, some Android devices

Apple Online Store“There’s been a lot of speculation over the last 24 hours about BBC iPlayer apps for mobile, so I wanted to clarify our plans,” Daniel Danker reports for The BBC.

“Having stuck our toe in the water last year with the iPad (initially, we quickly repurposed our big screen version), this new native app is a significant improvement on the existing experience,” Danker reports. “Our intention is to be on as many devices and platforms as possible… We’re just applying the finishing touches to the apps as we speak, and all things being well we plan to have Android and iPad apps in stores by the end of the week.”

Key features:
• Watch live TV and listen to radio (not previously widely available on mobile devices)
• Access the BBC’s full catalogue of catch-up programmes; seven-days’ TV and radio on demand as well as series stacking (as you get on the web)
• A simple and intuitive design with high picture quality and personalised favourites (making the most of the touch-screen UI, and a popular feature on the website)

Danker reports, “For iPad it’s straightforward, but for technical reasons we can’t bring the app to every single Android device. To download and use the app you’ll need a device that uses Android version 2.2 and has Adobe Flash 10.1 Player installed. Our Flash streams need a powerful mobile phone processor and a Wi-Fi connection to ensure a smooth viewing experience, which means that only newer, more powerful Android 2.2 devices connected via Wi-Fi can support the Flash 10.1 streaming experience.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: No Flash, no problem – unless you’re stuck with Android, where fragmentation and the demands of Flash are on full display.


  1. There you go… dawdle on delivering for a shipping platform with widespread adoption while futzing with what amounts to an alpha platform—where the hardware is over the map and the OS is in constant beta…

    Way to go BBC aren’t you such good platform independent developers….


  2. @KillBill

    You have to realize that The BBC would have got hammered if they had been seen to favour Apple, the have to appear neutral.

    Reading between lines the iPad was a peace of piss to get iPlayer working and Android was a nightmare hell ride.

  3. Scene at board meeting in the BBC where everyone is talking in a twerpy British accent.

    “Oh I say Jeeves, what do you think of developing our iPlayer for the Apple iPhone?”

    “What’s an iPhone Bertie? Oh I say speak up man, I can’t hear you through this confounded earpiece.”

    “Don’t you know what an iPhone is Jeeves? It’s one of those newfangled devices those Americans across the pond are so fond of.”

    “Oh I don’t care for that Bertie. At the BBC we like to run it like a gentleman’s club with a couple of old farts running the show.”

    “Hear, hear Jeeves. Oh I say pass me the Nokia will you? Can’t stand those phones without a physical keyboard. In fact I wouldn’t know how to dial Jocelyn’s number if my wife didn’t do it for me.”

    “Let’s do lunch shall we? Four gin & tonics today? Let’s get completely sloshed old boy.”

    Scene closes with a couple of old codgers doddering off into the London gloom…

  4. “Our Flash streams need a powerful mobile phone processor and a Wi-Fi connection to ensure a smooth viewing experience”

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

  5. @ Gadfly

    That there BBC’s just filled up with thought. We don’t allow none o’ that crap over here in WallyMart World o’ News land. If it ain’t proper Fox like interpreted, it ain’t right.

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