Dell gives up competing in high-end with Apple, pulls plug on ‘Adamo’ lapflops

Apple Online Store“After a few last gasps at deep discounts, the Dell Adamo line and brand name will be discontinued,” Brooke Crothers reports for CNET.

“The Adamo, like the earlier MacBook Air models, was pricey, starting at around $2,000, when it was launched in March 2009,” Crothers reports. “The last few new Adamos were sold at steep discounts, going as low as $799, allowing Dell to clear out its remaining inventory, according an industry source familiar with the brand’s end-of-life strategy.”

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MacDailyNews Take: What we wrote:

• “How ‘luxury’ can any Dell be when they are stuck, OS-limited, with Windows? We think Dell is wasting time, effort, and money courting a market segment that’s dominated by Apple’s OS-unlimited MacBook family featuring precision aluminum unibody enclosures, large Multi-Touch™ trackpads and much more. Dell simply cannot compete. The fact is, discerning high-end buyers do not want Dells… Unsurprisingly, Dell doesn’t get it. It’s the OS and the software that matters. Apple’s industrial design is just icing on a well-baked cake. Dell can’t even compete with a MacBook Pro running Windows, let alone one running Mac OS X.” – MacDailyNews Take, January 10, 2009

• “Dell has launched their ‘Adamo’ laptop which starts at US$2,000. It’ll flop… About all that Dell’s Adamo lapflop accomplishes, besides redefining the word ‘fugly,’ is to remind the world how truly talented Jonathan Ive really is. Dell is obviously a very confused company. They also don’t seem to understand what the rest of the thinking world knows implicitly: Windows sucks. Dell has decided to go after the high-end with a decidedly low-end OS and an industrial design aesthetic that just doesn’t measure up – in an economy that will not permit Dell to do so. Those with taste, brains, and money buy Macs, not Dells. Apple owns the high-end for a reason: they have the best industrial design and the best software. Dell can’t compete in either category.” – SteveJack, MacDailyNews Opinion, March 17, 2009


  1. Dell’s genius business plan, which used to be praised to the heavens on CNBC, only ever amounted to making computers cheaply. Did they not realize Asians can do that better, and that Dell had doomed themselves to the bottom end of the business?

  2. @Ballmer’s left nut
    DELL’s strategy with the Adamo, was akin to attempting to compete against a Formula 1 car, by running a Pontiac SunFire with a spoiler, air dams, and a chrome exhaust pipe extender.

  3. So Dell continues its race to the bottom. I’ve never heard of a business surviving *long term* (meaning many decades) by being THE low cost provider. Dell is the perfect example. This model is not sustainable.

    @ bezoar
    The anti-Apple crowd just gets more and more fervent, more and more adamant, and more and more vocal. Just visit sites like Daily Tech to see them in action.

    Sometimes Apple does do stupid things, but some of the anti Apple crowd wouldn’t buy (or support the purchase of by others) something like the top of the line Macbook Air from Apple even if Apple could sell it at a break even price of $10.00!

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