Apple iPad run over by PT Crusier, still works (with video)

TUAW reader Aaron told the site “how an iPad belonging to a fellow employee handled being run over by the front and rear wheels of a Chrysler PT Cruiser,” Steven Sande reports for TUAW.

“As the video shows, the iPad was in the standard Apple Case and the front glass was crushed quite extensively,” Sande reports. “However, the Home button still worked and the rest of the components in the display were totally functional. The touchscreen still responded to gestures, and the accelerometer responded by rotating the screen.”

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  1. True story. We were heading across town to my parents for dinner and then out of town for the weekend. We’d loaded up the car with everything except the iPad, which was on the roof in the Apple case. Took off down the road and heard a loud noise on the roof. Look back and see the iPad in the road. OMG!

    I thought for sure it was destroyed. Pulled over in a panic and went running up the side of the road. Luckily, no one ran it over and I was able to get it. No cracks, no scratches, and worked perfectly. LUCKY for sure!

  2. In 2005 I was driving around Japan with a friend in his SUV. We were loading some things and I set my titanium MBP in a soft computer bag on the ground behind the car. He thought we were done and backed his SUV over the bag. The computer was completely undamaged. Don’t know how the aluminum case would hold up though. Later I was using the same computer hooked up to a generator in Uganda and there was a power surge that almost blew the top of the tent off. Once again the MBP came through like a champ. The durability of these computers is seldom mentioned, but there is no comparison with the plastic jokebooks that the other companies produce.

  3. @ zubonhebi

    Some have said that the surge protection built into Macs is better than most of the surge protector power strips you can buy.

    Travel tip: pack one of those outlet multiplier things in your computer bag when you travel. That way, when you need an outlet at the airport or wherever and someone is already using the outlet, you can share it.

  4. Ran over my Ti Powerbook with a large SUV once. Screen was toast, but the machine ran perfectly. Used it hooked up to a monitor for a while, but finally bought a new one. Tough suckers.

  5. An electrician was working at a friend’s home, rewiring it for some new central heating system. They had three phases (220v nominal voltage, with 380v between the phases). My friend had a music recording studio, with a large mixer, half a dozen keyboards, as many MIDI modules, digital audio processors, amplifiers, powered speakers, etc. There was a Mac Pro and a MacBook as well.

    The idiot electrician hooked up the wires incorrectly, so that on the power outlets in the studio, instead of 220V, he had 380V. Needless to say, a puff of smoke came out from just about every single device, with the exception of two: Mac Pro and MacBook. The only two devices that survived 380V of electrical driving force were Macs.

    So, there!

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