J.P. Morgan analyst: Verizon iPhone pre-order sales exceeded 500,000 units in 17 hours

“Verizon’s record sales of the Apple iPhone may have exceeded half a million phones on the first day,” Scott Mortiz reports for TheStreet.

“After breaking its previous phone sales record in the first two hours of pre-orders, Verizon continued to take orders for 15 more hours until 8:10 p.m. ET, wrote J.P. Morgan analyst Phil Cusick in a note Monday,” Mortiz reports. “Based on the pace of sales, Cusick estimated that more than 500,000 Verizon iPhones were sold on day one.”

Mortiz reports, “On Friday, Verizon said [the first two hours of] sales of the Verizon iPhone crushed its previous one-day sales record. Cusick wrote that that record was 100,000 Motorola Droids, a Google Android-powered phone that first sold on Nov. 6, 2009.”

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  1. I read in multiple places that it was over one million in the first two hours. Seemed high to me, but not impossible.

    Now this guy is claiming 500k in 17 hours?

    I wonder if we’ll ever know what reality is.

  2. 100000/2 *17 = 850000
    considering that the first 2 hours were late at night, I’d expect an increasing rate after those 2 hours, so my guess is 1.0 million.
    Still, this may have been Scott Moron’s best writing yet.

  3. It is 1984 all over again. This time Android – the “open” platform meant to destroy all other non-Google “open” platforms – is the ubiquitous, dominating commodity Personal Contact OS that threatens to turn every smartphone into the same robot, until Apple comes along and throws the hammer at it.

  4. Who cares. They sold a boatload beating everyone else. Android given for free to every low pos assembler still couldn’t beat the iPhone. MS and their POS couldn’t best the iPhone. lol

  5. @acid:

    Exactly! Just the way that Apple destroyed IBM and Microsoft after the MAc came out (original 1984 commercial) and took away all their market share, right?

  6. 500,000 looks like a low ball number to me. The AT&T preorders were 600,000 iPhone 4’s. Granted that was when the iPhone 4 was brand new but given the relative size of the Verizon customer base and the number of frustrated Android users tearing their hair out jumping at the chance to switch I’d say 1,000,000 units would be closer to reality. 

    Besides Apple will already know how to manage manufacturing and inventory having run through the same sequence on the launch of the original iPhone 4.

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