Asus chairman vows to take on Apple’s iPad 2 with mysterious ‘secret weapon’

“The chairman of Asustek Computer, Jonney Shih, sat down with the IDG News Service to talk about how his company will face the next generation of Apple’s popular tablet, iPad 2, with a ‘secret weapon’ to be unveiled when the time is right,” Dan Nystedt reports for the IDG News Service.:

IDG: Asustek launched four new tablets at the International CES in Las Vegas this year, yet everyone expects Apple to launch the iPad 2 at any time. What does the new iPad mean for all the tablets coming out now? Won’t it make them obsolete?
Shih: Well, we already know some of the details of that device, such as what kind of processor they chose… We very carefully chose our tablet processor, the Nvidia Tegra 2, and to really compete it will take [Apple] some time. You know, [Nvidia] is well known for graphics. Also, we will try to provide a ‘secret weapon,’ something we have not shown at this time but closer to the launch time we will show.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Someone who thinks an off-the-shelf processor is going to be able to compete with Apple’s successor to the highly regarded A4 and says it publicly and to a tech reporter, no less, must have some “secret weapon.” Highly plasticized, no doubt, festooned with stickers, and sporting not only an inferior OS, but an inferior ecosystem, too. Certainly Apple shakes in fear (of laughing so hard their heads fall off).


  1. It’s kind of sad to see all of these electronic consumer manufacturers trying to generate the buzz that comes so naturally to Apple.

    Steve Jobs to the rest of the world: Build great products, and let them generate the buzz for your company, not vice versa.

  2. It isn’t a secret weapon if you tell us about it! And if you want to do something really cool and have it be a real surprise, why are you talking about it? How do these morons get to be executives of these companies? Don’t they teach a STFU class in MBA school? Companies like this are not the threat to Apple. It is the company that has the financial and intellectual resources to submarine the industry and actually do something innovative. And honestly, I do not know if such a company exists.

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