The 2001 Four: Apple’s 21st-century success story began with four investments made a decade ago

“Ten years ago — that’s right, 2001 — Apple made four investments that bore fruit in a 21st-century success story,” Joe Wilcox writes for Betanews. “Everything that came afterwards, even iPad and iPhone, traces back to what I call the ‘2001 Four.'”

The 2001 Four:
1. In January, Apple unveiled the iTunes music player.
2. In March, Apple launched Mac OS X.
3. In May, the Apple Retail Store debuted in two locations, California and Virginia.
4. In October, the iPod debuted.

Wilcox writes, “There is a fifth product that warrants calling out, and it came later: Safari. While Safari probably wouldn’t exist without Mac OS X, the browser’s lineage is really separate. Safari debuted on Mac OS X in 2003 and on Windows in 2008. The browser is an essential component of many Apple products — modern iTunes, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, among them. Safari’s importance to Apple and even its competitors can’t be understated. Google’s Chrome uses the WebKit rendering engine Apple released as open source.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Google likes to use Apple’s work – whether it’s patented or not.


  1. MacDailyNews Take: Google likes to use Apple’s work – whether it’s patented or not.

    Yes, but they sure don’t like it when others use there tech, now do they!

  2. Those 4 all came before January 2001. They don’t just come out fully formed. They take up to a couple years to gestate and develop. When did Steve make his digital hub presentation? That’s a critical date.

  3. I agree. The digital hub was critical. Having worked in one of the first Apple Stores for years I can tell you this was a deciding factor in getting people to switch. Showing them the ‘free’ software included out of the box, and the integration between apps, made it a much easier sale.

  4. iTunes is what the competitors don’t and won’t have …. and who in their right mind would throw away their music and now software collection ……

    Apple will continue to grow by leaps and bounds, especially now the computer and what people actually do on them boils down to web, email, photos, music and (soon) tv …. along with a few spread sheets, word docs the average user does not go beyond those uses … people actually get it now, they only need so much gig-a-do-thingies …..

    and Mac easily covers them all and more … and it integrates withe their iPod and soon to get iPad – nice ….

  5. The year 2000 (not 2001) is the year I became a true computer user- the year I bought my first computer ever – my Cube. I wasn’t a switcher because I hated Winblows from the time I came out of the womb.

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