Apple patent application details new type of stylus for iPad

“Just yesterday the news broke about HP’s new graphics tablet dubbed the Digital Sketch coming to market with a three-button stylus and today you’ll read all about Apple’s latest research and development in this same area,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“Last July Apple was granted a patent for a graphics tablet and since then several other specialty pen and display patents have come to light. Today’s patent report covers a new stylus-friendly touch display designed to work with a new kind of stylus that works with a conductive disk and unique pivoting head,” Purcher reports. “While the proposed pen system could be used with standard iPhone apps, the patent clearly points to the system being more graphics oriented as it mentions working with brush tools and the like.”

Purcher reports, “And lastly, the new pen even has a gaming angle to it that could be fun.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Wacom execs might be feeling a bit queasy right about now.


  1. That gaming angle might be interesting. It’s pretty clear that Apple is in search for a next generation stylus that changes the ball game. It’s kind of a no brainer in theory and I’d like a digital pen. I love to doodle when thinking about ideas at work and using my finger on an iPad doesn’t cut it. Here’s to hoping Apple finds a winner, because I want an Apple based solution.

  2. This could be great! I don’t alway want to use a stylus, but when sketching / drawing it would be great to have greater accuracy than the stylus’ I’ve tried so far.

  3. @Bob

    I agree. The touch UI is fantastic for the majority of tasks, however there are exceptions, such as handwriting and artistic paintbrush input.. I’d also welcome a digital pen.

  4. Hey! Would be nice to drop expensive graphic tablet and get all the functions on a simple regular iPad. That would be an enormous plus and, may be, blood on iPad’s… causing plague to Wacom and other tablet providers…

  5. What I want is a stylus that I can use as easily and tidily as my cheap and cheerful yellow Bic fineliners.

    And one that allows the same delicate touch and emphasis of line that I love with the Bic.

    Apple – bring it on!

  6. I’ve got a Wacom. It’s quite clumsy and takes many hours to master. The mouse is as good for most things. I’ve often thought since styli are their business, couldn’t they, like, make them better?

  7. @ ivid. Dreaded Stylus? Hey, there was a dreaded Palm Pilot and Apple gave us the iPhone and iPod touch. So yes, if Apple is thinking of a new stylus it’s because they’ll reinvent the device. There’s nothing wrong in adding a stylus as a tool when you need it.

    Screw the stupid critics. Go Apple!

  8. @Bob

    Exactly. Jobs meant that being “forced” to use a stylus as the sole input device was a bad idea. He didn’t mean that a stylus couldn’t be useful for certain utilization.
    As Mr. Natural says, “Always use the right tool for the job.”

  9. HP will be launching a series of new tablets next week. New trademarks show a duo-pad coming. The point is that HP is going to challenge Apple and apple is out to expand on the iPad. Pretty simple stuff. Good luck Apple.

  10. Funny, few weeks ago everyone was laughing about the stylus on this site, how is it an ancient tech. When apple do stylus based input (if at all in the future) it’s the next best thing????????

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