News Corp. and Apple launch The Daily for iPad: 99-cents per week, $39.99 per year

Philip Elmer-DeWitt is covering the launch of The Daily by News Corp. and Apple, live from the Guggenheim:

Some notes:

• New subscription billing with one click: Weekly at 99-cents, yearly at $39.99.

• Navigation is pretty open, including a iTunes type album views. Lots of sharing — e-mail, Twitter right on the page. Fox News talking heads. Games and apps featured. Lots of touch and animation, like the SuperBowl timeline that shows every game through history.

• Murdoch: New times require new journalism. Our challenge was to take the best of traditonal journalism — shoe-leather reporting — and combine it with the best of technology. Simply put, the iPad demands that we completely reimagine our craft. The magic of newspapers and blogs is the element of surprise and the deft touch of a good editor. We must make the business of newsgathering viable again.

Follow along live here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “iWill” for the heads up.]


  1. now i know its unique and made for the ipad, but why pay $40 when i can get news updates for free on their website?

    Is this the beginning of the media charging for access to their site?

    Will there one day be less news websites for free? Will one day will direct you to their ipad app where you’ll have to pay for a subscription?

  2. Seems a pretty good price, I think I remember the local paper wanted to charge me something like $50-$60 a year for the daily paper. I’d never have to worry about this one being wet on my lawn.

    As for comparing with freely available news on websites, I think they’re showing it could be worth paying for the full experience that this app can give that’s more then a website can do.

  3. I dont have a problem paying for news, as long as it’s not someones biased opinion. We need a return to the days where journalism was a craft designed to report facts. If people aren’t willing to pay for that, then eventually the amateurs will take over, if they haven’t already.

  4. @Fred

    I think it’s a lot more than just information, it’s how you access the information and the UI that it’s presented in..

    First two weeks are free, I’ve just downloaded it.. Pretty slick.. Definitely raises the bar..

  5. Murdoch is the Darth Vader of publishing. He is responsible for the devolution of journalism into right wing facist drivel run by Republican Party operatives who’s goal is to destroy the Democratic Party. No matter how cool it looks, consider the source.

  6. Macromancer
    Could you give us an example of when that was?
    I remember a time before the right had a voice in the news, but I don’t recall it ever being non-biased (I’m 48).

    But then again, if you agree with the viewpoint reported, you might not see it for slanted….

  7. @FutureMedia

    And all the other Newspapers are run by the Democrat Party operatives who’s goal is to destroy the Republican Party.

    Murdoch is just trying to add a little balance to the heavily lopsided news media.

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