White iPhone 4 costs more than black at Orange Mobile in France

Apple Online StoreFrance’s “Orange just posted links to the White iPhone (joining other carriers around the world),” Seth Weintraub reports fro 9 to 5 Mac.

Weintraub reports, “More interesting is that it is currently priced at €20 more than its comparably-equipped black counterpart.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Thirty bucks isn’t going to stop the estrogen stampede. wink


  1. As a shareholder in AAPL, I don’t care one whit about the sex of purchasers of any / all Apple products.

    Steve Jack, your Tea Party roots are showing.

  2. Great take!

    Don’t let these spineless libtards tell you anything.

    It’s basic marketing… more women will want the white iPhone than men.

    Now go get over your hurt little feelings, dumbocrats.

  3. Note the wink at the end of MDN’s Take.

    You knee-jerkers typify political correctness gone amok.

    Take the telephone poles out of your asses and learn to light up. A lot.

    It’s a joke. Not all jokes are sad, terrified screeds about a former Alaskan governor.

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