HP: webOS devices will ship within weeks after Feb. 9 event with Apple as target

Apple Online Store“HP’s new CEO Leo Apotheker said in an interview late Thursday that at least some of the webOS hardware due at the February 9 event will ship quickly,” Electronista reports. “He promised the BBC that these would be real, near-term introductions and that the hardware would be ready ‘just a few weeks later.’ The company was backing away from the mistakes of premature announcements that it made with devices like the Slate 500, which was unveiled in early January 2010 but didn’t ship until October and had lost nearly all attention to the iPad.”

Electronista reports, “‘HP will stop making announcements for stuff it doesn’t have,’ Apotheker said.”

MacDailyNews Take: Now, that’s innovative – for HP.

Electronista reports, “He also revealed the surprise that a second, possibly even larger introduction would come on March 14. Although not saying what it would involve, it would be a ‘secret answer’ to competitors and a ‘vision of what HP is capable of in the future.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Even greater ink cartridge ripoffs? Plastic printers that fall apart even faster? Ooh, the anticipation is just killin… Wait, what were we talking about again?

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Why wait until February 9th or March 14th, when we can ask “where’s the ecosystem” today?

And, by “ecosystem,” we mean everything from third-party accessories for use everywhere and in everything automobiles to airplanes, to iTunes, the iTunes Store, the App Store, the “Developers, developers, developers!” – the whole ball of wax, none of which HP or anybody else has to offer. And, Apple controls all of their OSes and can merge elements of the two at will. Good luck getting Microsoft’s Windows to do the same with webOS, HP. This is your fate for selling your soul to Redmond way back when. Unbelievably, it’s even worse for the rest of the world! Imagine being Dell *shudder* where you don’t even have a poorly adopted “mobile” OS of your own and you’re totally dependent on Microsoft for one thing and Google for another. Have fun getting those two working together!


  1. HP used to make exceptionally good products back in the day, like the HP-35 Scientific Calculator, and the HP-11 and 15C. Now, they just make a lot of junky printers.

  2. Even if they came out with a “better” tablet or phone, their lack of a eco system will make them fall.
    No matter what they do, they don’t have “iTunes” to sync the Pad/Phone, They don’t have the itunes store, the app store with more than 400 000 apps, or movie rentals, or podcast, and so on.

  3. @ Norm

    The only reason it’s called RPN is because people outside of Poland couldn’t handle “Reverse Łukasiewicz Prefix Notation.” ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Apple as target… What else are they supposed to do? Say how they are giving up the nascent tablet market in its entirety to Apple, and will focus on iPad peripherals, AirPrint-enabled printers and similar razor-margin hardware? No public company of that profile can afford to make such decision; shareholders would just dump it in one fell swoop. This way, shareholders can continue to believe that the company is trying to stay competitive.

    I’m sure Mark Hurd is well aware of their chances with the WebOS tablet against the iPad.

  5. I wrote programs for my HP-15c that I used while I was a surveyor. Saved me a lot of time and was rugged as hell.

    We still have a an HP-11 that works perfectly after 20+ years. Like Apple today, HP had superb hardware and RPN, which I still prefer.

  6. To be honest, I don’t think it’s fair to bash webOS all that much. It’s a unique mobile OS – not a rip off like Android is. Palm may have been stupid to mooch off Apple with iTunes syncing, but they came up with something original otherwise.

    Of course, I agree that it will fail miserably. There’s no momentum there.

  7. HP was never really the equivalent of Apple, but there was a time they did push the edge and more importantly made incredibly reliable product. At one time, I would never have thought about buying anything but HP printers. But now, I won’t allow them into our facility. Too much trouble and too costly to keep going. They lost their focus and even now, are straddling two horses. Tough to see such a proud name be so gutted.

  8. As an Apple watcher I always wonder what the top honchos of Apple think about all these ‘threats’ . Only they have access to all their data and their long term plans. What things worry the top Apple guys and what things they are laughing their heads off at.

  9. @ Predrag

    “I’m sure Mark Hurd is well aware of their chances “

    Mark Hurd is no longer CEO of HP. Forced out after sex harrassment claims by outside contractor Jodie Fisher a former actress and expense account issues. (Hurd I believe was then hired by Ellison of Oracle).

    New CEO of HP is Apotheker who was forced out of SAP. They say Apotherkar is software guy and knows almost nothing of hardware

    Reuters “Apotheker, 57, spent seven months as CEO of German software giant SAP before resigning abruptly amid customer complaints over software support fee increases.”

    Apotheker vs Jobs (from his bed), Cook, Forstall, Jon Ive…
    (doesn’t seem fair does it?)

  10. I think enough Apple haters are out there to cheer for HPalm and anything not Android. HP statements so far seem to indicate they’ve learned from Palm’s mistakes. So far they copied Apple’s publicity strategy to go outside of CES. A 2nd device hint is thrown out to hook further interest, knowing Apple will make not one but several major releases per year. The question is – what happens after the 2nd device – assuming it will be out – as Apple just keep rolling out new products and services throughout the year?

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