Pixelmator generates a cool $1 million in 20 days via Apple’s Mac App Store

“I am ecstatic to announce that Pixelmator grossed a gigantic $1 million on the Mac App Store. And that happened in only 20 short days,” Pixelmator co-founder Saulius Dailide reports via The Pixelmator Blog.

“What is even better is that the app is getting rave reviews on the Mac App Store (4.5 stars with over 275 ratings on the US store, 5 stars with over 128 ratings in the UK, and 4.5 stars with over 129 ratings in Germany),” Dailide reports. “And, thanks to the Mac App Store, more people than ever are choosing to download Pixelmator.”

“Such an amazing success feels fantastic. Thank you so much for your enthusiastic support,” Dailide writes. “We can’t wait to hit your Macs and the Mac App Store shelves with the hot new updates (1.6.5, 1.7 Geneva and the outstanding Pixelmator 2.0) that are currently in the works.”

Source: Pixelmator Weblog

MacDailyNews Take: Convenience is key. Steve Jobs understands this very well.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. I have to make purchases on the Belgian store. Compared to the US population of over 300 million, Belgium’s 10 million inhabitants constitute a 30 times smaller market for Apple’s iTunes/App Stores.

    Unfortunately, this means that I can only see 30 times less previews and ratings of the apps that are much less significant.
    I need to switch to the US store for (vastly) more reviews.

    While many apps are NOT region specific, the ability to see reviews on a global scale should certainly be an (easily accessible) option, whether it is opt-in or opt-out doesn’t matter much.

    I believe that restricting appStore reviews to only the current national appStore is needlessly limiting the flow of information.

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