South Korea’s technology czar and former Samsung chief says he prefers iPhone over Android handsets

Verizon iPhone 4“Reporting from Seoul — South Korea’s technology czar was meeting with reporters a few weeks ago when talk turned to smart phones and the choice faced by tens of millions of tech-savvy consumers here: whether to buy Apple Inc.’s iPhone 4 or Samsung Electronics Co.’s Galaxy S,” John M. Glionna and Jung-yoon Choi report for The Los Angeles Times

“Hwang Chang-gyu admitted that he owned both phones. Then he dropped a bombshell: He actually preferred his iPhone, calling it ‘more convenient’ than its homegrown competitor. ‘The reason we couldn’t make a smart phone like iPhone is that we don’t know how to shoot ahead,’ he said,” Glionna and Choi report. “Hwang’s comments were seen as heresy in a country that considers itself an international leader in consumer electronics. Not only does he oversee government research and development, but he also is a former chief executive of Samsung Electronics, which makes mobile phones. After a buzz in the local media, Hwang issued a retraction stressing Samsung’s competitiveness.”

Glionna and Choi report, “Apple rolled out its iPhone 4 here last September and by the end of the year had sold 1.8 million units, nearly catching up to Samsung’s Galaxy S, which launched more than two months earlier and has tallied 2 million in sales, according to South Korean news reports. Industry analysts say Apple’s reputation for innovation has established the device as the newest must-own gadget among young consumers here, some of whom wait weeks for an iPhone because of a backlog.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Skating, pucks, etc. Nobody sane who has access to the real thing wants an inferior knockoff.


  1. Pity he felt the need to retract those statements, as a dose of honesty is needed if they truly want a real, home-grown challenger to the iPhone. (Ignoring, of course, the fact that the phone OS’s being used by Samsung currently aren’t home-grown – I guess national pride only counts for hardware?)

  2. Notice that instead of the hockey analogy (skating, puck, etc.), he used a shooting analogy (aiming ahead, as in leading your target in skeet). Probably to be expected, when some really bad guys are just a few miles over the border and lobbing artillery shells into coastal towns.

  3. Many droid users are Apple hating PC users.

    They buy droids in droves as they are used to pain.
    They like sloppy laggy os, virus threats and upgrade issues.

    If it doesn’t hurt “it’s a Toy, it’s for ‘girls’, it’s not really cutting edge”

  4. Korea is an electronics leader, just not in phones. How can hardware running an American OS be a source of pride? Do they like the hardware that much? Not much room for innovation in hardware…

    Now if we’re talking televisions, yeah, Korea has got everyone beat.

  5. He’ll probably be praised eventually for being an honest broker, who pointed out Samsung’s and Korea’s true weakness in not being able to see future trends. He could be Korea’s next President!

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