U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords now standing up and using Apple iPad

Apple Online Store“Just 12 days after she was shot in the head, U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords can stand with assistance, has tried to speak and is using an iPad, doctors and her husband said on Thursday,” Brad Poole reports for Reuters.

“‘She is beginning to stand with assistance, she is scrolling through an iPad — these are all fantastic advances for her. They do show higher cognitive function,’ Dr. Michael Lemole, chief of neurology at UMC told reporters,” Poole reports. “‘But I do want to caution … that she has a long road ahead of her,’ he added.”

Poole reports, “Giffords’ husband, astronaut and shuttle commander Mark Kelly, said at the news conference he is confident his wife ultimately will ‘make a full recovery… I’ve told her that she’ll be walking and talking in two months. You’ll see her walking through the front door of this building.'”

“Dr. Peter Rhee, the hospital’s trauma medical director, was vague when asked how much Giffords is believed to know about the circumstances of the shooting,” Poole reports. “He said she has not been told much about the attack and doctors are unsure what if anything she remembers of the incident.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Get well soon, Representative Giffords!


  1. Simply amazing. My wife and I use to live in that area of Tucson and I grew up in that area. For being a city of over one million growing up there is seems sort of small town-ish. They have their crime and what not but this was something completely different.

    Hoping to make a return to Tucson for good next year. Whether we do or not we certainly wish Rep. Giffords the very best.

  2. I hope she has a full recovery. She seems like the kind of representative we all very sorely need.

    And since I know this will devolve into a bitter political thread anyway… I’ll just leave this here as my retort to anyone who says the right has no connection and is not responsible in any way for this.

  3. Sorry Macro but that’s BS. One video clip you don’t like does not prove your point and I can come up with one from the stinking commie lib side to match yours. See? we can go back and forth and trade tirades until doomsday.

  4. @Roberto

    Your hyperbole doesn’t do your comment any justice. And no, we cant go back and forth. All “your side” wants to do is shirk any responsibility, say this wasn’t a political attack. If it wasn’t political, then why go after a politician? He had to have gotten the idea somewhere.

    But of course you call BS, because as usual, Republicans are all about personal responsibility until they are the ones being held personally responsible for something. If this had happened to a Republican Congressman, Fox News would have had to start a second network to handle all the blame they’d be shoving at the left over it.

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