T-Mobile USA says ‘ask Apple’ on iPhone, but hints it’s more likely

Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac“T-Mobile during its morning media event today in New York City made further indirect allusions to possible iPhone plans,” Electronista reports.

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“Carrier officials when asked about the option in the post-exclusive US environment didn’t confirm or deny plans but instead told the media to ‘ask Apple,'” ,” Electronista reports. “The need to adapt to T-Mobile’s 1,700MHz 3G band was cited as one obstacle, although T-Mobile made allusions to 3G chipsets having ‘evolved’ to support many more cellular frequencies and thus covering both AT&T and T-Mobile users. ‘We’re not part of the [iPhone] chipset today,’ president Philipp Humm said. ‘But we have chipsets which support five, or up to 10 spectrum bands in the market, so we should expect there will be more degrees of freedom going forward.'”

Electronista reports, “The language, while not a confirmation, is significant and may be a clue as to ongoing talks. Verizon used very similar language to effectively acknowledge that a CDMA iPhone was coming soon without either pre-announcing the device or setting too many expectations.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


  1. So perhaps I’m missing something, but I thought iPhones could be used on T-Mobile’s network, or is it that the current iPhones only work on a portion of T-Mobile’s spectrum?

  2. Has Verizon announced call and data plans for the iPhone yet? I do not plan on switching when my contract expires in the summer unless Verizon can offer some compelling reason for me to do so. Service price would be about the only compelling reason.

  3. I’d rather move to sprint with an iphone than verizon.. though customer service was horrible when we had sprint… tmobile was amazing but we had the worst experience with signal and dropping calls and dead spots.. and this was in 2008

  4. There is no real 4G in the US right now – all of the crap you see is just marketing and advertising. Real 4G/LTE is 100mb/s speeds – 3G is 5-8mb/s 7.2 is a number they like, and most of the current “4G” is really 3.5G running 5-12mb/s – or basically the same as 3G.

    I would imagine that since the new multiyear contract with AT&T is not exclusive, T-Mobile will get an iPhone soon. Just a guess tho.

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