Fortune: Steve Jobs went to Switzerland in 2009 in search of cancer treatment

“In early 2009, the tech and investing worlds were trying to untangle a puzzle about Apple. The company was putting out incredible devices, but it was unclear why the legendary leader wasn’t there,” Doron Levin reports for Fortune.

“Jobs had surgery for pancreatic cancer in 2004, taking a leave of absence to recover. He had returned, only to disappear a few years later, a second medical absence for roughly six months in 2009. How sick was he? And what did he have? It wasn’t until June 20th, two months after the fact, that the Wall Street Journal uncovered the fact that Jobs had undergone a secret liver transplant at Methodist University Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee,” Levin reports. “However, during that absence, Fortune can report, Jobs also took an unpublicized flight to Switzerland to undergo an unusual radiological treatment at the University of Basel for neuroendocrine cancer, according to Jerry York, the Apple director who died in March 2010.”

MacDailyNews Take: Jobs didn’t “disappear” in 2009 He told the world he was taking a medical leave of absence and then he took it.

Levin reports, “York told me about the treatment, which was not available in the U.S., in the context of our discussions about Jobs, his health and Apple’s future. Under our agreement at the time, York wanted the facts of Jobs’s treatment in Switzerland to remain out of the news. He didn’t say whether the board knew of it. (With York’s death, the off-the-record agreement is no longer in place.) …While York told me he didn’t know exactly why Jobs and his doctors had sought medical care in Switzerland, it is the home for the world-renowned University Hospital of Basel, which has developed a special form of hormone-delivered radiotherapy to treat neuroendocrine cancer. The treatment isn’t available in the U.S. “

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Geez…Jobs asks for privacy and not only does Fortune not respect his privacy…MDN publishes a news bite on it. I would have thought MDN to be on a higher road.

    What part of “respect my privacy” don’t you understand??

    Jobs did not sign up to be “celebrity”. Let him have his privacy so he can recover without a magnifying glass.

  2. Looks like Kenny’s comment is gone, but Enrique’s insanity lives on. Hopefully his mad rantings will be expunged from this thread soon, as mine surely will.

    You should get help Enrique. A lot of pent up anger there.

  3. Solid, Truth hurts allot.

    So much for freedom to express yourself, Solid thinks that since he dosnt like a “rant” “his words” They must be removed.

    Well Solid, it dosnt work that way.

    Some things need to be removed, while other topics and personal expressions do not.

  4. solid, hardly solid.

    If you aren’t mad about what’s going on you need mental health help.

    Kenny and Enrique hit the nail on the head. As did @solid. You Marxists are out of your collective comrade minds. 2012 right around the corner. Bye bye commies.

    Get well Steve Jobs. We’re pulling for you.

  5. “(With York’s death, the off-the-record agreement is no longer in place.)” That’s a bit of a back-stab. The confidentiality imposed was to protect Jobs, not York. It stinks to rely on York’s death to justify now disclosing something private about Jobs. Levin and Fortune are bastards.

  6. I am not going to comment directly on Steve Jobs health directly but comment on the comments as it were.

    I am amused and also bewildered by the commie/comrade/marxist remarks I continually read on this website, which decade are some people living in?. As an outsider looking in it is clear to me that the democrats are just left of centre and the republicans a bit further right of centre with the Tea Party and Fox News trying to squeeze them a lot further to the right. Just because someone/something is to the left of your own view it doesn’t make them/it communist or socialist, just as you being to the right of me doesn’t make you a Fascist.

    These kind of exaggerated insults/hysteria help no one and are not the mark of sane, rational thinking. In any case you should not be divided as republicans or democrats but work together to solve issues as Americans and that appears to be the current problem with US politics from my very distant uninformed vantage point.

    A little while back whilst the US Healthcare bill was being debated some of your politicians said the UK had an “abhorrent socialist healthcare system” or in other words free at point of entry healthcare. It caused uproar over here and a Twitter campaign ensued called “I love the NHS” (National Health Service) and all the newspapers joined in. Despite our obsession with criticising even the tiniest failing, the general consensus is one of great regard for free healthcare and woe betide anyone else who wants to take a pop at it. This is why our Conservative Party (our equivalent to the republicans) would never dream of abolishing it despite being in power numerous times since its creation, infact I do not know of a politician over here who does not support this “socialist” policy, even people considered right wing.

    Also much of Europe whose healthcare is being praised here have free healthcare systems (and no the banks are largely to blame for their debts not healthcare before you say it). Europe including the UK still has a strong private healthcare sector and Britain in particular has some of the worlds biggest pharmaceutical companies and top University research in medicines and treatments (including stem cell research).

    It is somewhat strange that when the current plights of our respective countries have taken a nosedive due to the worst indulgences of capitalism that commie and marxist are still the insult of choice.

    I will repeat a stat that most of you I would guess must know. Every Democrat presidency term has reduced national debt as a percentage of GDP since 1945. This will be the first that does not largely due to inherited problems. The last Republican presidential term to reduce debt as a percentage of GDP was Nixon’s first term ending in 1973!. These damn liberals reducing the debt and being fiscally prudent!!!, I thought the Republicans were supposed to be the business brains?.

    In short chill with the overblown 1950’s/60’s outdated rhetoric, Liberals aren’t “commies” just as conservatives aren’t fascists. Capitalism isn’t perfect (current crisis anyone) and social democratic policies are not all automatically the work of the devil, infact sometimes just sometimes they ensure that we are all treated as equals.

  7. Enrique, get a brain of your own and stop throwing around the Limbaugh buzzwords.

    Mac Dadio, SJ can ask for privacy all he wants. But until he ceases to be the central figure in the #2 publicly traded company, he’s got a pipe dream. His health is a public matter unless he wants to take the company private.

    Grow up you morons!

  8. imad and gareth,

    very weak retorts to enrique. the fact is you marxists are out to destroy liberty and private property and the US constitution. all of europe is going under and it has nothing to do with bankers and everything to do with out of control socialist moving towards communist governments. you marxists never state the end game. you try to pretend that everyone that’s against you must be crazy. gareth thinks he gets “FREE” health care. that statement right there shows just absolutely clueless the sheeple over there and that vote democrat here are. gareth – take your head out of you butt and go earn your own GD money. stop raiding other’s bank accounts. we conservatives know very well what you’re up to and we plan to stop it. FIRST 2010 THEN 2012 in the voting booths by voting the rest of the commies out. Tomorrow is a vote to repeal the job killing healthscare scam to steel our liberties and private property. we hope they keep doing this weekly until 2012 election.

    we pray for Steve Jobs to get well. one of a kind.

  9. The government controlled liberal-commie media and gov comrades all get together and put out the exact same crazy talking points all the time. You sheeple follow right along blindly. Time for some real change starting with today’s vote on repealing healthscare by maobama and friends.

  10. @Nickster, “Common Sense”, et al.
    Do you guys know the fastest growing economy among the Western nations right now? I’ll give you a clue: it’s Germany with its mandatory health insurance system (since the 1920s). Healthy people are more productive. Healthy people retire later. Healthy people are less likely to be unemployed. Oh, and not having to sell your house when your kid needs medical treatment is real “common sense”.

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