Fortune: Steve Jobs went to Switzerland in 2009 in search of cancer treatment

“In early 2009, the tech and investing worlds were trying to untangle a puzzle about Apple. The company was putting out incredible devices, but it was unclear why the legendary leader wasn’t there,” Doron Levin reports for Fortune.

“Jobs had surgery for pancreatic cancer in 2004, taking a leave of absence to recover. He had returned, only to disappear a few years later, a second medical absence for roughly six months in 2009. How sick was he? And what did he have? It wasn’t until June 20th, two months after the fact, that the Wall Street Journal uncovered the fact that Jobs had undergone a secret liver transplant at Methodist University Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee,” Levin reports. “However, during that absence, Fortune can report, Jobs also took an unpublicized flight to Switzerland to undergo an unusual radiological treatment at the University of Basel for neuroendocrine cancer, according to Jerry York, the Apple director who died in March 2010.”

MacDailyNews Take: Jobs didn’t “disappear” in 2009 He told the world he was taking a medical leave of absence and then he took it.

Levin reports, “York told me about the treatment, which was not available in the U.S., in the context of our discussions about Jobs, his health and Apple’s future. Under our agreement at the time, York wanted the facts of Jobs’s treatment in Switzerland to remain out of the news. He didn’t say whether the board knew of it. (With York’s death, the off-the-record agreement is no longer in place.) …While York told me he didn’t know exactly why Jobs and his doctors had sought medical care in Switzerland, it is the home for the world-renowned University Hospital of Basel, which has developed a special form of hormone-delivered radiotherapy to treat neuroendocrine cancer. The treatment isn’t available in the U.S. “

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up.]


  1. And the point being made here is…? That Fortune questions whether you and I have the right to seek medical treatment that could save your life?

    I feel like stamping this article READ BY MISTAKE.


  2. Steve is sick.

    He has the resources to secure the best treatment available.

    I don’t know why this is a mystery to anyone.

    Unfortunately, for a celebrity such as Steve, privacy is a pipe dream.

    I wish you the best Steve! Get well soon!

  3. Just wait for for this unlawful healthcare taker over scam intended to destroy the US healthcare system, take away our privacy, rights, and money, to kick in. We are royally SCREWED! You commies won’t stop ever. The end game for you freaks is beyond horrifying. This food takeover is another nightmare that you commies snuck in. No wonder Jobs had to go to another country to get treatment. We are going to fight you Marxists tooth and nail on all takeovers you try to pull and vote your asses out. Liberalism is a mental breakdown.

  4. I pray for my family, the US, Steve Jobs, then the lowlives around the world to snap out of their Marixst trance. No one like the guy. I can almost forgive him for his one flaw of being a liberal. Please get well Steve!

  5. With York’s death, the off-the-record agreement is no longer in place.
    Ummm, no. To an ethical human being, the proper claim would be “With York’s death, any chance that the off-the-record agreement might someday be rescinded has disappeared.” But I guess an ethical human being wouldn’t be trolling for off-the-record comments in hopes of intruding upon someone’s private medical history in the first place.

  6. I sure hope this isn’t a tumor recurrence or else he’s f—ed.

    That 6 months of herbs and other alternative medicines didn’t help his prognosis any. The tumor likely metastasized during that time period.

  7. Hey Cueball,

    Kenny was right on target. Going abroad to find better healthcare will be the future in the US. Steve Jobs already had to do it thanks to Maobaman and comrades. Anyone who defends liberals and what’s going on is sick in the head.

    Flackwoman – Keep your hands off the US constitution, away from my rights, away from my healthcare, and out of my pocket book you low life.

    Thank goodness for Levin/Palin/Limbaugh/Hannity, etc. You dirt balls have cornered the Government controlled media and our school system. As well as destroyed the labor market and border enforcement.

    Keep pretending like it’s no big deal. The masses aren’t fooled by it any more.

    We pray for Steve Jobs. What an incredible person!

  8. @Gomer37

    Right. Wealthy foreigners with complicated medical problems don’t come to the US so much anymore, but rather to Europe. Also, while the medieval-minded W administration shut off funding for stem cell research, other nations have been vigorously pursuing it. Even as the current American administration attempts to restart those programs, idiots who somehow equate stem cell research to abortion are suing to stop it. Look for waves of miraculous treatments over the next several years, available outside the US.

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