WSJ profiles Apple’s Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook

ZaggMate“Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook is stepping in again for Chief Executive Steve Jobs, who announced Monday morning that he was going on medical leave,” The Wall Street Journal reports. “Here a quick refresher on Mr. Cook’s career.”

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“Mr. Jobs, following his return to the company in 1997, hired Mr. Cook in 1998 to oversee the manufacturing of Apple’s computers,” WSJ reports. “At Apple, Mr. Cook shed bloated inventories and whipped the company’s supply chain into shape. He rose to become the No. 2 executive at Apple under Mr. Jobs. Beginning in August 2004, Mr. Cook ran Apple for two months while Mr. Jobs recuperated from surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from his pancreas.”

“Mr. Jobs later gave Mr. Cook responsibility for Apple’s world-wide sales and its Macintosh computer division,” WSJ reports. “In 2005, he was appointed chief operating officer. In 2009, he stepped in for Mr. Jobs again; Mr. Jobs went on medical leave for the first half of the year and and had a liver transplant.”

WSJ reports, “Mr. Cook ran day-to-day operations during Mr. Jobs’s absence and was praised for his ability to make Apple’s sprawling operations move on time. He has established himself as the CEO-in-waiting since his stint taking over for Mr. Jobs.”

Read more in the full article here.

Also, read more on Tim Cook in the WSJ’s profile from 2006: Apple’s No. 2 Has Low Profile, Big Impact


  1. What terrible news for Steve, his family and his friends.

    Although this is ‘news’ to outsiders, it certainly could not have taken Steve by surprise.

    Therefore, I am confident that Steve established a multi-year strategy for Apple before announcing his leave: a plan to guide new product development for many years to come. Under the circumstances, I doubt that Steve’s absence will affect the company or its profitability for quite some time.

  2. Apple Inc. has the talent to continue Steve’s legacy, but without ‘the’ man the ingenuity, charisma, soul, mystery, acumen and genius he has brought to this company will create a vacuum so difficult to fill.

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