NYT: Steve Jobs suffers immune system issues; appeared increasingly emaciated in recent weeks

ZaggMate“Steven P. Jobs, the co-founder and chief executive of Apple, is taking a medical leave of absence, a year and a half after his return from a liver transplant, the company said on Monday,” Miguel Helft reports for The New York Times. “In his message to the staff on Monday, Mr. Jobs said, ‘My family and I would deeply appreciate respect for our privacy.'”

“Mr. Jobs suffers from immune system issues common with people who have received liver transplants and, as a result, his health suffers from frequent ‘ups and downs,’ according to a person with knowledge of the situation, who agreed to speak on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss it,” Helft reports. “In recent weeks, Mr. Jobs began a down cycle and slowed his activities at Apple, the person said. Mr. Jobs has been coming to the office about two days a week, and appeared increasingly emaciated, the person said. He frequently lunched in his office, rather than in the company cafeteria, the person said.”

Helft reports, “Analysts said that many investors might wonder whether Mr. Jobs will come back to Apple at all, and trade accordingly. ‘It is natural that investors will expect the worse,’ said Charles Wolf, an analyst with Needham & Company, noting that Apple has a history of ‘minimal disclosure” and “obfuscating’ details about Mr. Jobs’s health. Mr. Wolf said that regardless of whether Mr. Jobs returns to Apple, the company would probably continue doing well for the foreseeable future, though its long-term prospects are a matter of speculation. ‘Right now Apple has a management team that is one of the greatest in American business,’ Mr. Wolf said. ‘Whatever trajectory the company is on will continue for two to five years, regardless of whether Steve comes back.'”

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  1. @MacRaven?!? What are you talking about? Once a company goes public, it does not get additional cash from investors, unless it issues more shares, thru a dilution. Investors pulling out, do not pull out Apple’s billions in cash.

    Apple’s cash is not going to “pay” anyone. They have a 5 and 10-year plan, obvious to anyone who has watched Apple put all the pieces of a digital hug together, and they will implement that plan. No need for rash spending.

  2. I think there is a contingency plan in case of the inevitable Steve jobs is no longer with Apple. His replacement may or may not have his charisma and market savvy buy I think Apple will survive and prosper. I do not listen to those money/media whores from New York called Wall Street and The New York Times. The cause more harm than good and unless you have a personal stake in both, ignore them as the dog turd in the doggie park that the human owner rudely left behind.

  3. It is very simple and due to the primitive state of out medicine currently. “Immune system issues are common” with any organ transplant because to prevent an immune attack on the foreign transplanted tissues and rejection of that tissue, the patient’s immune system is deliberately suppressed by anti rejection (read anti immune) drugs. If you suppress immunity then of course there is a high probability of problems.

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