ZaggMate“In the coming weeks, News Corp. is set to unveil one of its more audacious content bets in recent years: The Daily, a newspaper designed for the iPad,” Michael Learmonth reports for AdAge.

“Conceived by News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch, who negotiated directly with Apple CEO Steve Jobs, the publication breaks new ground in a couple of ways,” Learmonth reports. “First, it’s one of the biggest bets on traditional journalism in years on any platform — 100 writers, editors and designers have been hired for the project — since Conde Nast sunk $100 million into Portfolio magazine. Second, it will break the logjam that has bedeviled publishers attempting to move their subscription models to the iPad… In a sign of how complex this is for Apple and for News Corp., AllThingsD reported the planned launch this week was delayed as the partners work out the kinks.”

“But one thing has fallen into place for The Daily: an impressive array of launch sponsors, including Macy’s, Verizon Wireless, Land Rover, Pepsi Max and Virgin America, according to people close to those deals. In addition to sponsoring the project, they’ll help The Daily get off the ground by offering incentives for their customers to download the app, such as frequent flyer miles from Virgin America,” Learmonth reports. “Apple has an initial exclusive window for The Daily, but over time the newspaper will be adapted to a fast-proliferating category of iPad-like tablet devices… The Daily will have a multi-story front page, but magazine-style layouts within, as well as graphics that take advantage of the iPad’s capabilities in terms of rotating, pinching and swiping and video culled from News Corp. outlets.”

Learmonth reports, “The close association with Apple does not mean The Daily will be taking iAds; rather, all advertising on The Daily will be sold directly and served through New York-based mobile ad company Medialets, which is providing the technology for the ads as well as the metrics back to advertisers.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Citymark” for the heads up.]