Apple’s Mac App Store ignites another gold rush for software developers

“With the launch of an App Store for the Mac last week, Apple has proved that its all-in-one digital marketplace model — so successful for the iPhone, iPod and iPad — can flourish on old-fashioned laptop and desktop computers as well,” Mark Milian reports for CNN.

MacDailyNews Take: “Old-fashioned” our collective arse. People don’t gasp for nothing when the first see our MacBook Airs.

Milian continues, “Developers with software ready for the store’s January 6 opening were met with throngs of click-happy customers. Mac users have appeared eager to spend money on apps, even for software that was previously available on the Web and in brick-and-mortar stores. Downloads on the first day exceeded 1 million — out of a pool of about 1,000 apps, Apple said.”

“The App Store program is included as part of a software update for Mac computers running the newest version of the operating system, called Snow Leopard,” Milian reports. “Further enhancements to the app model will come as part of OS X Lion, which is scheduled to go on sale this summer.”

Milian reports, “However, not every company has the Midas touch for launching app stores. Google, which produced a hit with its Android Market, has drummed up minimal interest in its Chrome Web Store.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]


  1. Ok, so now Apple can find the time to fix the broken app store review system? Naaa, let’s continue to let loose thousands of morons to give 1 star ratings to apps for the most absurd reasons.

  2. What amazes me if for all the people who bitched about apple just working on the iphone and ipad and not focusing on the mac, Because of them we’re getting apps on the mac we would have NEVER seen before, especially in unique game development. Simply incredible!

  3. Or they should not be allowed to rate an app until they passed a test that they actually read the description of the app!

    “Duuhh, I was too stupid to read the description and I thought the app would do this and that, until it does I give it a 1 star rating.” Review by Retardbrain6749

  4. I’ve never understood why the American dialect of the English language replaced that wonderfully expressive vulgarism, “arse”, with the insipidly euphemistic “ass”. So it’s good to see the MDN Take above getting back to basics – or is it merely that MDN has some pommie moderators ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />.

  5. The Mac App store reminds me of the iPhone App store when it was announced. My first reaction was “bleh, whatever”. Then you use it and it suddenly strikes you how everything that used to suck about buying software is missing. Easy to browse, no worries about compatibility, an update comes up with a little red indicator without having to track versions, one payment system through the glorious, brilliant, most profitable and valuable piece of software ever written by a company: iTunes. I’m loving the “walled garden”. The world can flock to Android or Windows Phone 7 or whatever, who cares, let them.
    -Happy walled garden gnome

  6. @KenC

    I hope NEVER! Quicken on the Mac sucks sooooo bad. They do half baked software on the Mac and great software for Windoze.

    Losers, the bunch of them. I think they are right there at the bottom with Adobe, which I don’t use, but the name generates such passionate demonic response here. That’s how I feel about Intuit.

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