Analysts’ expect Apple to hit record 4+ million Mac units sales for holiday quarter

Apple Online Store“In the Gartner report issued this week, U.S. sales of Apple’s Macintosh computers grew 23% year over year last quarter while overall PC sales (even including the Mac) fell 6.6%,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune. “That’s been the story for much of 2010: PC sales weak, Macintosh sales strong.”

“Whether that trajectory slowed or accelerated in the Christmas quarter — usually Apple’s strongest — is one of the questions that will be answered definitively next Tuesday, when the company reports its fiscal Q1 2011 earnings,” P.E.D. reports. “Meanwhile, we’ve polled three dozen analysts for their Mac unit sales predictions.”

P.E.D. reports, “There was, as usual, a sizable gap between the most optimistic estimate (4.49 million by Apple Finance Board’s Alexis Cabot) and the most pessimistic (3.6 million from UBS’s Maynard Um).”

Full article, with a chart of the breakdown between Mac desktop and notebook unit sales over the past three years, here.


  1. Doom for Apple is ever closer.

    Wall Street was modeling 5 million Macs for holiday quarter. Announcement on earnings of only 4.2 million Macs being sold will send Apple shares plunging into the $250 range. Mac sales will have shown to be stolen by XBox 360/Kinect bundle sales. Look for Microsoft shares to skyrocket. Happy New Year, Apple longs.

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