FileMaker Pro 11 half off with purchase of FileMaker Go for iPad or iPhone

Starting today, those purchasing FileMaker Go for iPad or iPhone may purchase FileMaker Pro for just £99, more than half off the retail value of £219 it was announced by FileMaker today.

Since its debut in July 2010, FileMaker Go has become the top-selling business database app for iPhone and iPad. Customers who purchase FileMaker Go for iPhone (£11.99) or FileMaker Go for iPad (£23.99) from the iTunes App Store between 11th January and 17th June 2011 will be able to download FileMaker Pro 11 from the online FileMaker Store for £99 – a 50% discount. Promotion participants must purchase and download FileMaker Pro 11 between 11th January and 23rd June 2011.

The popular FileMaker Go apps let customers work remotely with FileMaker Pro databases on iPhone or iPad to manage a wide range of tasks, including customer relationship management, on-site event registration, management of inventory or tracking project status while travelling. Businesses can use more than 30 built-in Starter Solutions or quickly create their own solutions using FileMaker Pro and then run them on an iPhone or iPad with FileMaker Go.

“Businesses tell us they need solutions that streamline their operations and work the way they do to give them a unique competitive advantage,” said Ryan Rosenberg, vice president, marketing and services, FileMaker, Inc., in the press release. “The fastest way to tackle any mobile productivity task is using FileMaker Go for iPhone or iPad in combination with FileMaker Pro. With our FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go promotion, business users can automate virtually any process quickly and easily, and have access to information from anywhere on their iPhone or iPad devices – now at a more affordable price than ever.”

To participate in the promotion, users must first purchase FileMaker Go for iPhone or FileMaker Go for iPad from the iTunes App Store. To purchase FileMaker Pro 11 at the special discounted price of £99, they fill out a short form on the FileMaker Store to provide proof of purchase of FileMaker Go using their iTunes receipt. Offer is limited to one bundle purchase per customer.

Compatible with FileMaker Pro 7 and later versions, FileMaker Go is available now from the iTunes App Store. FileMaker Go for iPhone and iPod touch (running iOS 4) is £11.99 and FileMaker Go for iPad (running iOS 3.2) is £23.99. Additional details are available at

FileMaker is the leader in easy-to-use database software. Millions of people, from individuals to some of the world’s largest companies, rely on FileMaker software to manage, analyse and share essential information. The company’s products are the FileMaker Pro line – versatile business database software for teams and organisations, for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and the web – and Bento, the personal database for Mac, iPhone and iPad. FileMaker, Inc. is a subsidiary of Apple.

Source: FileMaker, Inc.


  1. I designed a pretty hefty database using FileMaker that helps me quickly manipulate lots of data at work. I import a few million records from my company’s ERP and then view the information in all kinds of ways and generate reports that are super helpful. It was actually fun to learn how to do that, and the payoff in the form of time saved and intelligence gathered was amazing. But I have a little programming background and it’s not for everyone to design a database.

    If FileMaker Pro cost less than $100 I would buy about 14 copies for various employees who could also benefit from my work, and I could keep them always updated to the latest version. But as it stands at $250, it remains as my little project, only at my desk. It’s hard to justify using it for anything other than your primary information management tool.

  2. @ Davidlow

    – if you would spend a bit less than $1400 to equip 14 employees, you could get Filemaker Pro Advanced and create free runtime copies of your database (Filemaker Pro not required as the core libraries are exported to enable a copy of your database to run)
    – you can’t share data over the network between each runtime, but you can run import and export scripts so each person could do what you have been doing independantly of each other
    – give a try, it might be just what you need, and longer-term the benefits maypay for full copies of Filemaker so you could share data over the network etc

  3. FileMaker is notorious for ignoring it’s long suffering core base of users with too many cosmetic upgrades at hopelessly inflated prices and offer special deals only to newbies so as to suck them in and then dispense the same raw deals to them at a later date. Exactly who runs the show down there?

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