Apple releases Apple Remote Desktop 3.4 Client, Apple Remote Desktop Dashboard Widget

Apple today released Apple Remote Desktop 3.4 Client which is recommended for all Apple Remote Desktop users and addresses issues related to compatibility.

For detailed information on this update, please visit this website:

In conjunction with the release of ARD 3.4, Apple also released the Apple Remote Desktop Dashboard widget which gives users an instant, at-a-glance view of the remote computers in their network.

It’s fully integrated with the Apple Remote Desktop administrative application, so a click on a particular computer will allow users to select and start working with any computer in the system.

Requires a licensed copy of Apple Remote Desktop to be installed on your Mac.

Apple Remote Desktop 3.4 Client and the Apple Remote Desktop Dashboard Widget are available via Software Updtae and also via standalone installers.

More info and download links:
Apple Remote Desktop 3.4 Client – 4.25 MB
• Apple Remote Desktop Dashboard Widget – 1.31 MB

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Wow, 3.4 so they could add compatibility with the Mac App Store.

    All I want is better stability when running reports on 10 or more Macs. The discussion boards have many complaining over months about this problem, and they roll out an update that has no bug fixes?

    Come on Apple, fix the software.

  2. The fact is ARD is more stable than it has EVER been.

    I run reports all the time on many more than 10 macs. I deploy software with it, provide end user support and push tutorial activities with it. It is one of the most valuable support tools in my org..

    Which report is giving you issues?

  3. I’m a little confused about this program. Do you buy one copy to set on one machine, and then all the other computers on the network can have ARD turned on? I’m just not getting a clear picture of it.

  4. You license the admin software (I have an Unlimited users license) edu price $299

    The client is built in, it is enabled by checking a few boxes in the file sharing preference pane.

    Answer your question Ron?

  5. How many macs can I manage with the App Store version of Apple Remote Desktop?

    For $79, I’m assuming this is not an unlimited edition. Is there an upgrade path to >10 macs?

  6. I do not know about the app store version. It may well be they dropped the price. Apeture went from 120 to 79 on the app store.

    In the past it was available in a 10 user and an unlimited user license.

    What do the licensing details say in the app store?

  7. The licensing details are very vague, and lawyerish.

    I ran the question by our business rep at the local Apple Store. It’s the unlimited version. I’ve since bought it and confirmed. It’s a no-brainer.

  8. @claussen

    “no brainer” for the macapp store version is correct

    just look at what sellers on ebay are asking for 10 user versions

    my advice is to buy this from the MacApp store before it goes up in price.

    I called Apple sales and got bounced around ’cause nobody knows what they’re doing and finally got a tech guy who didn’t understand the difference between and the macapp store – after a few minutes to ‘educate’ him, he finally admitted he could not see a difference between the ARD 3.4 unlimited version vs. the macapp store version

    of course you don’t get an “installer” program with the macapp store version

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