Wedbush starts Apple with ‘outperform’ on strong iPhone, iPad sales; halo effect on Mac

“Wedbush Securities started Apple Inc. with an ‘outperform’ rating, saying the company will continue to benefit from solid smartphone growth, and the rapid adoption of iPhones and iPads will help it gain share in PCs,” Raj reports for Reuters.

“Wedbush expects Apple’s iPhone business, which represents about 39 percent of total revenue, should see unit growth of 44 percent year-over-year to 66.7 million in 2011, faster than the 28 percent the brokerage estimates for the smartphone market,” Raj reports.

Raj reports, “They also expect Apple to dominate the quickly emerging tablet market… ‘We expect 14.3 million units to be sold in 2010 with iPads representing 13.7 million of the shipments, or 96 percent market share,’ the analysts said, and forecast iPad shipments of 24.2 million in 2011.”

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  1. Ooohhhhhhh, nooooooo! you just wait! The new Asses PeeCee Tablet Slate will crush Apple’s Ipad thingy. As soon as the Asses PeeCee Tablet Slate decides what operating system to use and whether it will work, that is. Or even though it’s more expensive than that Apple whatchamacallit.

  2. Steve Ballmer will stand on the CES stage today and announce the beginning of the end of Apple’s iPad domination. Windows ported to ARM processors. Just what the whole world has been really waiting for. Look for Apple shares to plunge as investors dump the stock and start buying Microsoft. Bill Gates dream will rise from the ashes as everyone carries an ARM-powered Windows tablet complete with stylus, writing notes everywhere they go. The Courier is back and ready to crush the iPad.

  3. “Wedbush Securities started Apple Inc.”
    “UPDATE 1-RESEARCH ALERT-Wedbush starts Apple with outperform”

    I’m confused. In what context is ‘start’ used in this article.
    Obviously Wedbush didn’t start as in founding Apple Inc.
    Does Apple start as being first on the list of companies
    liked by Wedbush or does this start the new year as the
    first recommendation?

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